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06 August 2013

That Old Chinese Curse ;-)

Hello Dear Ones!

You've heard that old Chinese curse laid onto a "non-friend" by the ancients? "May you live in interesting times".

Indeed there are interesting times around here right now. Body-wise, that is. The best words regarding this are Bob's "What's wrong with right now unless you think about it?"

And, as Baba Muktananda put it, "Suffering is a product of 'thinking about'."

For those following this blog who may have missed the "details" here is the tale of interest:  "Self Knowledge has Huge Benefits".

So what "interesting stuff" (in relative story terms) is occurring around here about now? I had another rehab session today (adding to the bottomless stack of co-pay bills) and was informed that basically, my left shoulder is, well, fucked! Seems the rotator cup is gonzo and perhaps but not certainly, some very pricey surgery with a long recovery would repair the damage, but naturally, no guarantees. (This may why they call healthcare "Medical Practice", hey?)

In any event I am fortunate that although it is really uncomfortable and sometimes painful around the apartment, I have no issues with driving as I can turn, push, pull etc miraculously painlessly with the left arm! That being the case, I will most likely pass on surgery unless a sudden very large donation arrives.  No expectations here of such happening though it shore would be nice as we say....

Meanwhile, here is an update on finances: We are currently okay for web bills etc to keep newsletters and blogging going; however when the current and upcoming bills for medical expenses are in we will be around $1400 short. And that is NOT counting the new dentures needed ($1800) or glasses update ($200) or Jeep repairs needed ($600.)

So..IF  you are able, we'd really appreciate any support: Use to donate if you are moved in the heart to do so. If it is not affordable for you don't do it!

Also in re money: No one is EVER turned away who wants a consultation, even if tey cannot afford anything. So if you find yourself in tat category, please call or e-mail and I WILL work with you for the Good News of Self-Shining Awareness being what you really are.

Along these lines I received a rather "interesting" comment recently; the fellow said that charging for consultations or asking for donations is NOT a reflection of What Is. Huh? Where is any duality in What Is? It's is either all inclusive or (in that case ) somewhat delusive!

In any event, I thought an update would be of interest to those few loyal followers who HAVE given of their good wishes and financial support generously. You are loved beyond words. Then again so is the critic! Love being what we are, it can never not be, in full measure. Isn't that cool?

I hope this finds you all well and happy, and please feel free to e-mail any questions etc.

Love ya!

Charlie, 7 August 2013

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