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08 April 2016

28 December 2015

New Health Update

Some of my friends are looking for a health update.. here goes. 

The major issue is chronic heart failure as most of you know. This is ultimately fatal but I still have 50% of the pump left so that could take a while. 

I also have problems with hips and legs and my arms and shoulders don't work real well because both shoulders were badly dislocated a while back. 

Having had three heart attacks, & a few bad falls, just doesn't do the old body any good! 

 I also have a lump near my left breast which is quite sore and expanding somewhat which will need to be checked out to make sure its not cancer. If it is cancer I will probably just let it be rather than fight through chemo and all that. So that's the current situation. 

Clearly though, thanks to Bob Adamson, the understanding is absolutely certain here that none of this touches the presence of awareness that I am and that everyone is. That is a real gift! 

That's it for now, I will update again if anything changes. Thank you as always for your love and support, it's deeply appreciated.And of course your donations are a huge help!

23 December 2015

Happy Everything!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year! Thank you so much for your continuing support and good wishes. The chronic heart failure reduces fatigue and shortness of breath, but I'm still here and kicking. Much Love, Charlie

11 December 2015

As of Dec. 11th 2015

Health update 

 The chronic heart failure is of course unchanged, and the body lacks oxygen for the most basic undertakings. The heart can no longer supply enough blood to oxygenate the muscles and systems in the body. 

The result of this is of course, there is no ability to do any real work, and there's not much activity as a result of that. In addition, the legs and shoulders are in very bad shape.

Such is relative life! 

 One of the consequences of this is, money is badly needed. If anyone is able to contribute I would appreciate a click on the Donate button on the right side of this page. 

 Thanks and Happy Holidays, and Many Blessings!

31 July 2015

Summer Update and New Pointers

Here's a summer update on Health. 

For many weeks now, it's been a tough slog for the old body. 

Thank God for nonduality and self knowledge! The simple seeing of the body dancing in the world is a real gift. Beyond price. That said, here's what's going on: 

The legs seem to be almost history! I've got about 10 percent of normal use of the legs, and have trouble walking without a 4 wheel Walker. Getting around this let's say interesting! So it is. 

The doctors are working on it, and some medications appear to be helping a little, and the energy is back up to the point where I can take on writing this newsletter.

Hopefully, this finds you well, my friend, and if you are able to contribute to the ongoing medical bills that would be just great. But no expectation here!  With chronic heart failure, there is little expectation that there will be any significant improvement, unfortunately. but eventually death has no effect on who I am and I have absolutely no fear of it. 

Meanwhile, sitting quietly, All is well.
With much love, 

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25 April 2015

Update Late April 2015

Dear Friends,

Now I find the old bodymind thing here at home in my tiny apartment and it is dealing with bills for prescriptions, doctors and a large hospital bill for big copays! I am hoping some of y'all might be able to assist financially. AND I offer a huge thank you for those kind hearts that already have!

All this happens with the disease the body has: Congestive heart failure! Short of breath, very low strength and energy, sleep a lOT, and less sharpness of brain-mind. These don't go away, so I am told by the doctors I trust. 

Such is What Is, which due to Grace, does NOT affect the Knowing Aware-Presence which all appear on or in. Grace rocks.

If you can and the heart says yes, please go to and use the donate button, then fill in any amount. Or you can mail a check to my address below. (Note that the donate button sometimes only appears on a computer rather than mobile!)

As you know I hate requesting financial support but these bills have got me tight as hell for needed cash!

Thanks for any support in advance. While it is absolutely true that there is nothing wrong any more, in this magnificent Dream there are dream money challenges! Again, great thanks to you who have already helped out!

PS: Amazon has all my books so if you like to read see this link: we get a little from sales:

With all Love, and many blessings,

Charlie Hayes

Mail: 4195 W. 7th St, Apt 133, Reno NV 89503 // 1-775-342-3561

10 February 2015

Health etc

First off, we all need to understand the clear distinction between body and Self. The metaphor I like is the empty sky as Self and the body and its ailments, complaints, emotions etc. as the clouds and sometimes thunderstorms (like say, heart attacks and Congestive Heart Failure). In short, the ever obvious Awareness Itself IS the universal Self, expressed in language as "I Am." 

That is That, the famous "That" pointed out by Sages from the beginning of our shared dream. Awaken to the dream. Right NOW. (when else is there?)

Health Stuff, as of today:

Here's another health update. Off oxygen at home, still need two liters during walking. Regaining strength little by little, I'm now walking quarter mile to three quarter miles a day depending on energy. My goal is to be completely off oxygen by Valentine's Day, the 14th of February. As always I appreciate your support and kind words!

Here's another quick update. I'm finally off all oxygen. What a relief! A little ahead of schedule too. I'm gradually getting my strength back, walking quarter mile to three quarters of a mile per day with my trusty cane. I still say I'm too old for this shit! Thanks everyone for all your support, and kind words, I appreciate it. Now let's go have fun!