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19 January 2015


For those who may be interested, here is another health update: 

 I am now getting off oxygen several times a day. Getting a fair amount of exercise without oxygen, watching the oxygen saturation rate. I'm very encouraged by the body's progress toward better health. My goal is to be off oxygen completely by the 16th of February, and to be driving back and forth for shopping as well. As always, I appreciate everyone's good wishes and support!

01 January 2015

Health Update

Update on the health situation. With this congestive heart failure there are definitely issues! For example it appears I'm going to be on oxygen 24 /7 indefinitely. 

Little bit of a bummer. 

Also getting dizzy and falling against the wall has happened. But like I say it ain't the first time I've hit the wall! Then sometimes I get so cold I feel like an icicle .... weird. 

Oh yeah, then there's the shortness of breath. It's like trying to run a wrongly carbureted car in Denver. All that aside, its just like running an old vintage race car, you got to take care of it and it'll run to finish. 

Thanks everyone for your support and your friendship, I appreciate it.

Also thanks to those who made donations thus far. We are not "out of the woods" financially yet but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We hope it ain't the train!

22 December 2014

Dear Friends...

" probably know my pop, Charlie Hayes. He had a pretty tough night last night. A heart attack and two stints later he is resting, but in some real pain." -Charles Edward Hayes on Facebook, 13 Dec 2014

Yes it has been a real bad one. I have congestive heart failure and only 45% of pump left. Pain and shortness of breath abound...

Update 22 Dec, recovering at home, on 24 /7 oxygen. Difficult getting around but little by little I'm hoping to regain strength. Thank you for your support and your loving messages. And if anyone is in a position to make a donation towards the copays, which are rather daunting to say the least (in the low $ thousands!) , that would be deeply appreciated. With my love, Charlie.

If you are able to assist please use the Donate button on the right top of the page, and great thanks in advance! And big thanks to those of you who already have.

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With all Love, and many blessings for a great holiday season,

22 Dec 2014

07 December 2014

The Paradox of this

A friend writes:

Q: Tony Parsons says that the me identity is not just an idea or belief but is an energetic contraction.   Jeff Foster says that it IS just an idea, a story.  So I am confused about that. Please could you tell me what you think about it

C: The paradox here is that both are correct as POINTERS to what the "me" is. I put it this way: The "me" is the story/storyteller, and that conversation is driven by a deep BELIEF in separateness.

Q: I know that the me isn't real because I remember seeing that to be true when I was very young. But that doesn't change the fact that I do seem to be this separate me.

C: Exactly. Therefor have a really good look at that "me" and see what is that which DRIVES the belief etc? It is essence, oneness appearing as that story/energy-contraction..... let me know if this helps. With Love, Charlie

26 November 2014

Here Now

The understanding here is quite simple. There is no individual doer, not in me, nor in anyone else. Everything is a happening of consciousness or God and God's Will can never be known in advance of any happening! What will be will be!

So here, now, it is clear and obvious that everything is a happening of God or consciousness and is Its will, so where is any problem? Only if I take myself to be the doer, the actor with responsibility, and I need to plan what to do to make things work, is there a problem. Because in my experience things happen the way they happen regardless of my desires or fantasy expectations!

So essentially, it is clear to this thing called charlie that everything that happens is the will of source or God and the destiny of this body-mind organism programmed by DNA.  And, its subsequent conditioning... In short, charlie is on automatic as a puppet! Whose strings are pulled by God.

So why worry, why be concerned about it a future which has nothing to do with this what is which can be called Now? Don't worry, be happy.

30 September 2014

A Myth ...

One of the really stupid myths about enlightenment is that for the sage, there is no longer anger or fear or any of the so-called negative emotions. In the sage any emotion might arise. But the sage is not involved in the ego sense.. in other words, he is not engaged in shoulds or could have etc. at all. 

Rather, he simply watches whatever emotion the organism produces from whatever stimulus might arrive, and sees them all simply come and go, without any egoic involvement. 

When this is deeply understood, then this myth is seen as really silly and it is no longer given any credibility. This is freedom!

14 September 2014

Living In Understanding

After The Fall ......

One day recently here, after a pleasant afternoon nap, I awoke somewhat dizzy but felt it was under control. I made my way into the kitchen and slurped some cold milk, feeling pretty close to normal. So I sauntered into the living room, intending to peruse one of Ramesh Balsekar's books which I still very much enjoy reading. Approaching the small couch, suddenly all illusion of control vanished, and my legs simply turned to rubber and I found the bodymind gadget called "Charlie" falling down across my old sturdy wooden Salvation Army coffee table! I smacked headfirst into the table's edge and fell to the floor, amid a flurry of colorful words that escaped by themselves from the mouth!

I sat there for a few moments before collecting the detritus from the floor that had escaped the confines of the table, pondering as always, with no effort (at that particular moment), the grand illusion of "control" and "free will". Control, as if, to have “my” actions result in consequences that I desire! Wow, what a sample of truth that was. 

I smiled at the gentle realization that truly there is no control for a bodymind; it just does what Totality wants it to do (talking here as a pointer; the notion that there IS a will operating, and it is The Divine operating, never "me".)

I nearly burst out laughing, as I rubbed a spot of blood off a small bump on the right rear of my head (which fortunately I fell on the hardest part of "Charlie" ! :-)

Living in Understanding offers countless reminders of this absolute design and operation of The Eternal Subject that moves us all, if we are awake to notice. May the noticing arise for all now!

Love and Cheers,


The late Ramesh Balsekar wrote beautifully in his book "Confusion No More", my favorite. Here is a bit from that work:   

"There is enormous complexity in our day-to-day living that gives rise to stress and strain almost continuously. our present day living has lost all its simplicity and we are bewildered by the complexity and [apparent] multiplicity of choices in almost whatever we do. And yet, deep down it is everyone's experience that while we try to shape our day-to-day living, what actually happens is that events seem to happen in a unique way, which is not explained by our usual reason. And, in that odd moment, the thought occurs: why do I bother? Why don't I just float of living instead of struggling against it?

"It is clearly everyone's experience that all one can do is make a choice and, thereafter in spite of all one's efforts, what actually happens - or does not happen - has never been in one's control."


Thanks Ramesh. You are missed and loved!