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07 December 2014

The Paradox of this

A friend writes:

Q: Tony Parsons says that the me identity is not just an idea or belief but is an energetic contraction.   Jeff Foster says that it IS just an idea, a story.  So I am confused about that. Please could you tell me what you think about it

C: The paradox here is that both are correct as POINTERS to what the "me" is. I put it this way: The "me" is the story/storyteller, and that conversation is driven by a deep BELIEF in separateness.

Q: I know that the me isn't real because I remember seeing that to be true when I was very young. But that doesn't change the fact that I do seem to be this separate me.

C: Exactly. Therefor have a really good look at that "me" and see what is that which DRIVES the belief etc? It is essence, oneness appearing as that story/energy-contraction..... let me know if this helps. With Love, Charlie

26 November 2014

Here Now

The understanding here is quite simple. There is no individual doer, not in me, nor in anyone else. Everything is a happening of consciousness or God and God's Will can never be known in advance of any happening! What will be will be!

So here, now, it is clear and obvious that everything is a happening of God or consciousness and is Its will, so where is any problem? Only if I take myself to be the doer, the actor with responsibility, and I need to plan what to do to make things work, is there a problem. Because in my experience things happen the way they happen regardless of my desires or fantasy expectations!

So essentially, it is clear to this thing called charlie that everything that happens is the will of source or God and the destiny of this body-mind organism programmed by DNA.  And, its subsequent conditioning... In short, charlie is on automatic as a puppet! Whose strings are pulled by God.

So why worry, why be concerned about it a future which has nothing to do with this what is which can be called Now? Don't worry, be happy.

30 September 2014

A Myth ...

One of the really stupid myths about enlightenment is that for the sage, there is no longer anger or fear or any of the so-called negative emotions. In the sage any emotion might arise. But the sage is not involved in the ego sense.. in other words, he is not engaged in shoulds or could have etc. at all. 

Rather, he simply watches whatever emotion the organism produces from whatever stimulus might arrive, and sees them all simply come and go, without any egoic involvement. 

When this is deeply understood, then this myth is seen as really silly and it is no longer given any credibility. This is freedom!

14 September 2014

Living In Understanding

After The Fall ......

One day recently here, after a pleasant afternoon nap, I awoke somewhat dizzy but felt it was under control. I made my way into the kitchen and slurped some cold milk, feeling pretty close to normal. So I sauntered into the living room, intending to peruse one of Ramesh Balsekar's books which I still very much enjoy reading. Approaching the small couch, suddenly all illusion of control vanished, and my legs simply turned to rubber and I found the bodymind gadget called "Charlie" falling down across my old sturdy wooden Salvation Army coffee table! I smacked headfirst into the table's edge and fell to the floor, amid a flurry of colorful words that escaped by themselves from the mouth!

I sat there for a few moments before collecting the detritus from the floor that had escaped the confines of the table, pondering as always, with no effort (at that particular moment), the grand illusion of "control" and "free will". Control, as if, to have “my” actions result in consequences that I desire! Wow, what a sample of truth that was. 

I smiled at the gentle realization that truly there is no control for a bodymind; it just does what Totality wants it to do (talking here as a pointer; the notion that there IS a will operating, and it is The Divine operating, never "me".)

I nearly burst out laughing, as I rubbed a spot of blood off a small bump on the right rear of my head (which fortunately I fell on the hardest part of "Charlie" ! :-)

Living in Understanding offers countless reminders of this absolute design and operation of The Eternal Subject that moves us all, if we are awake to notice. May the noticing arise for all now!

Love and Cheers,


The late Ramesh Balsekar wrote beautifully in his book "Confusion No More", my favorite. Here is a bit from that work:   

"There is enormous complexity in our day-to-day living that gives rise to stress and strain almost continuously. our present day living has lost all its simplicity and we are bewildered by the complexity and [apparent] multiplicity of choices in almost whatever we do. And yet, deep down it is everyone's experience that while we try to shape our day-to-day living, what actually happens is that events seem to happen in a unique way, which is not explained by our usual reason. And, in that odd moment, the thought occurs: why do I bother? Why don't I just float of living instead of struggling against it?

"It is clearly everyone's experience that all one can do is make a choice and, thereafter in spite of all one's efforts, what actually happens - or does not happen - has never been in one's control."


Thanks Ramesh. You are missed and loved!

04 September 2014

What Are You?

Are you that limited body? Are you a thought (I)? are you IN a body bearing a name arbitrarily given at its birth? What are you really?

What if you are none of these things that APPEAR perhaps to be "you"?

What are you? Inquire within....

16 August 2014

Is “Separateness” Real?

Are you really separate from others, and objects in the world? Or is that simply something you have said to yourself (i.e. believed deeply) for so long, it is now an entrenched belief? If you believe deeply that you are separate from everything else, then that is the way the world will appear for you. Can you see that any belief is not necessarily true?

The earth appears to the senses as flat. But is it really? Can you see that most beliefs are not grounded in reality? And when you look for proof, the belief (for example, the belief in a divine entity, or Santa Claus, or the tooth fairy) what is discovered? Notice:

You can find no proof whatsoever. 

Seek the evidence for your truly being separate from me, from the world. Tell me your proof. What can you offer? Nothing. Nada. Zip!

Separateness is a master illusion, a lie perpetrated over millennia by the race called human, despite the clear lack of evidence for its reality.

Crazy, isn’t it?

So take a good look within what you call “your separate self”. Seek evidence for this notion of being separate, until there remains NO doubt that there IS none! Go to it. It’s worth looking into.

Once we believed the earth was flat. Now we know better; the belief shriveled and died when it was proved to be a persistent idea of truth but nonetheless, it’s a falsehood. A LIE.

Find out: ARE you actually separate?

Certainly the way things appear to us, appear as separate from us; that is how the senses function. Even our bodies appear to be separate from our self, don’t they? (We say “my body”, right?) But as in the case of seeing a flat earth, the senses are NOT reporting what really is so. It may take some deep looking to uncover the falseness of our senses. But just maybe, it is worth it. Rather than accepting the false as real, find out what is really going on if you can!

It is worth a good long look, my friends. I assure you of that: there is freedom, joy, peace and a deep affinity at the other end (I have experienced that here). So have at it and be in touch if you like.

It is a great gift to rediscover the Silence that we are. It brings peacefulness that surpasses language, surpasses “understanding”.

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent” ~Wittgenstein

(I am indebted to Landmark Education, who inspired this essay).

23 July 2014

Show Me The Person

If I ask you to send me a picture of the person you are, I suspect that you will send me a picture of that body mind apparatus you take to be your self.

Is that really who you are?

The identification of the self as a person happens at about the age of two. Then, as I am other me and not me this and that, in other words, dualism.

What we point to here has been labeled many things: oneness, pure light, universal self, one without a second. That one is my favorite.

The word person comes from the Greek persona, or mask. But if I ask you to send me a picture of the mask, or the persona, what can you come up with? A dear friend once said his ego was driving him crazy. I asked him to send me a picture of that ego. A little later, I got an e-mail from him, a delightful e-mail, wherein he describes what had happened when he contemplated taking a picture of his ego and realized that there was no such animal in the body mind. He summed it up by saying "I am bankrupt with a smile." 

I still love that, because when he said bankrupt, what he was talking about is that the ego which she had been saying was bothering him drastically, was seen to be completely and utterly false. So the ego was bankrupt. He went on to see and share that this bankruptcy was the most welcome phenomenon. Indeed.

Can you find in the body mind anywhere and ego or a person? When I had open heart surgery, I was tempted to ask the surgeon to see if he could find a person in there when he had the body opened up. Through investigation, prompted for me by sailor Bob Adamson, it became clear as a bell that there simply is no such thing as a person as a separate entity. What we call ourselves or person is merely a story more like a graphic novel, words and pictures in the mind that we have mistakenly assumed to be our self. Hence the word history: his story. Everyone or virtually everyone mistakenly believes themselves to be there story; that ever evolving story of a me that on investigation is bound to not exist at all. And if it is found to not exist now, could it ever have existed at all?

A little investigation will show you, for yourself, that what you consider yourself to be is a fiction. Like a character in the story or novel, which you have identified with the same way you might identify with a character in a novel. So the invitation here is to challenge these assumptions which you have taken on board since the age of two, and by challenging destroy the assumptions leaving you only present unaware right here right now.

That is all there is to this really. Here now you are, and that you is a fiction, which can be seen through with a little work. I invite you to take it on. In fact, to go all in with it.