21 March 2014

What time is it?

Simply notice: The "it" in "what time is it?" or the "it" in it is a sunny day have exactly the same REAL reality is the "I" in "I think" or "I know" etc.

What IS their reality?

Zero. None. Zip.

You can prove this for yourself (and we each and every one MUST prove this for ourselves) through simple investigation:

Ask yourself "What am I" and notice the "ten thousand answers", none of which are true! Ask again and again until it is clear and obvious that there just ain't no such being as a separate or discrete "I" anywhere! Then perhaps the insight will arise, "Oh, I AM That, the No Thing that all the sages point out as our true nature. (If there is good luck on your side, that is. LOL!)

Funny thing is, the two arguably most "complete" sages taught this way. Sri Nisargadatta and Sri Ramana Maharshi taught this. And Bob Adamson taught me how to look, interpret, and finalize That. And That is That! :-)

It was good enough for "me". How about YOU? Will you give it your all?

May it be so and may that Insight floor  you NOW!

11 March 2014

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What Is "The Eternal State?

What Is "The Eternal State? 

This is a great question, to ask yourself until the answer is clear and present. But accepting any of the Ten Thousand "usual" or pat answers is terribly counterproductive.

In asking to question without "buying into ANY answer", all those "normal" answers are gradually seen to be false. Then and only the can the Natural Statelessness become self evident.

The "final answer", you see, is no Answer! For no person.

The moment you own any answer you are blocking the natural appearance of the final solution, which, paradoxically, is already present yet simply overlooked.

This Finality is Home, the abode you never really left. 

So, my friends, Welcome Home!
Charlie Hayes, 8 March 2014

25 February 2014

From Bhagavan Ramesh and Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

Self-enquiry is the direct path to Self-realization or enlightenment. The only way to make the mind cease its outward activities is to turn it inward. By steady and continuous investigation into the nature of the mind, itself gets transformed into That to which it owes its own existence. ~Ramesh Balsekar 

Who Am I?

As all living beings desire to be happy always, without misery, as in the case of everyone there is observed supreme love for one's self, and as happiness alone is the cause for love, in order to gain that happiness which is one's nature and which is experienced in the state of deep sleep where there is no mind, one should know one's self. For that, the path of knowledge, the inquiry of the form "Who am I?", is the principal means. +

1 . Who am I ? The gross body which is composed of the seven humours (dhatus), I am not; the five cognitive sense organs, viz. the senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell, which apprehend their respective objects, viz. sound, touch, colour, taste, and odour, I am not; the five cognitive sense-organs, viz. the organs of speech, locomotion, grasping, excretion, and procreation, which have as their respective functions speaking, moving, grasping, excreting, and enjoying, I am not; the five vital airs, prana, etc., which perform respectively the five functions of in-breathing, etc., I am not; even the mind which thinks, I am not; the nescience too, which is endowed only with the residual impressions of objects, and in which there are no objects and no functioning's, I am not. 

2. If I am none of these, then who am I? After negating all of the above-mentioned as 'not this', 'not this', that Awareness which alone remains - that I am. 

3. What is the nature of Awareness? The nature of Awareness is existence-consciousness-bliss 

4. When will the realization of the Self be gained? When the world which is what-is-seen has been removed, there will be realization of the Self which is the seer. 

5. Will there not be realization of the Self even while the world is there (taken as real)? There will not be. 

6. Why? The seer and the object seen are like the rope and the snake. Just as the knowledge of the rope which is the substrate will not arise unless the false knowledge of the illusory serpent goes, so the realization of the Self which is the substrate will not be gained unless the belief that the world is real is removed. 

7. When will the world which is the object seen be removed? When the mind, which is the cause of all cognition's and of all actions, becomes quiescent, the world will disappear. 

8. What is the nature of the mind? What is called 'mind' is a wondrous power residing in the Self. It causes all thoughts to arise. Apart from thoughts, there is no such thing as mind. Therefore, thought is the nature of mind. Apart from thoughts, there is no independent entity called the world. In deep sleep there are no thoughts, and there is no world. In the states of waking and dream, there are thoughts, and there is a world also. Just as the spider emits the thread (of the web) out of itself and again withdraws it into itself, likewise the mind projects the world out of itself and again resolves it into itself. When the mind comes out of the Self, the world appears. 

Therefore, when the world appears (to be real), the Self does not appear; and when the Self appears (shines) the world does not appear. When one persistently inquires into the nature of the mind, the mind will end leaving the Self (as the residue). What is referred to as the Self is the Atman. 

The mind always exists only in dependence on something gross; it cannot stay alone. It is the mind that is called the subtle body or the soul (jiva). 

9. What is the path of inquiry for understanding the nature of the mind? That which rises as 'I' in this body is the mind. If one inquires as to where in the body the thought 'I' rises first, one would discover that it rises in the heart. That is the place of the mind's origin. 

Even if one thinks constantly 'I' 'I', one will be led to that place. Of all the thoughts that arise in the mind, the 'I' thought is the first. It is only after the rise of this that the other thoughts arise. It is after the appearance of the first personal pronoun that the second and third personal pronouns appear; without the first personal pronoun there will not be the second and third. 

10. How will the mind become quiescent? By the inquiry 'Who am I?'. The thought 'who am I?' will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self-realization.

Sri Ramani Maharshi

18 February 2014

11 February 2014


What exactly IS this "Eternal State" You promote?


WTF do you mean by that?

Any word is a tool of the mind, whose purpose it is to divide, distinguish and describe. So ANY word, such as Awareness, Beingness, Love, The Eternal, Presence, ALIVENESS etc. Pure merely POINTS to That Which IS. No word can EVER capture the wholeness, which is not apart from the Real You. Slap me upside the head, I saw truly that the whole shebang is not "out there” or “in here” BUT (as Werner Erhard points out,) “OUT HERE."

I shit thee not! 

In short, the entirety of manifestation, including, well, ALL of it, exists in Awareness. Try to locate anything, any appearance, any state, OUTSIDE of this very always=so PRESENCE. THAT is effortlessly aware and is in fact Aliveness…. Ah nutz there I go with words again. Ah, such is life Living Itself fully, Out Here! J

31 January 2014

Just sayin'

Humans exist in language. In short all humans are, for each other, is their story, and the "better" the story the "better" the personal self.

But is that true? Maybe all humans spout from the oth End is ... just sayin'.

No more than that!

Meaningless blather imbued with meaning, then agreed with, or disagreed with.

What is there were NO language? Imagine that.

I'm just sayin'!