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29 July 2013

WHO would "recommend" What to Whom!?

Q: I’ve seen a few of your videos and I like the directness and the energy from them.  My ‘problem’ is that I don’t get it.

C: That’s good news since no “I” has ever or will ever “get it”. Who wants to get what? As Bob Adamson says, “What’s wrong with right now unless you think about?” Ask the mind that and it brings that conversation of “I” and wanting what is NOT to a full stop. Yet you as Awareness remain Forever and Free. Being That is simple: You are already That!

Q: I do think I get it mentally, also the philosophy which I love, but I don’t feel it clearly and without doubt. My identification goes to the voice in my head, that coaching voice, while I know that the thoughts already are there before I am aware of it, so probably that’s not me after all.

C: So cut that out! Ask that question above. Ask that voice “who the hell are you anyway!?” What is REAL and permanent i.e. what is That which has never changed, that YOU knew at age ten, or eighteen, or whenever? YOU are THAT. Full Stop. Doubts are just mental noise. Quit giving them credibility and they fade like clouds in the empty sky. In that metaphor, YOU are the Sky and NOT the clouds!

Q: I have some feelings though that point to identification, but those don’t last and are not clear enough to convince my mind to be quiet.

C: The mind’s job is to think and doubt. YOUR job is to recognize, once and for good, that these thoughts have NO power. Can the thought I see or hear? Seeing happens, and then the mental machine goes, “Oh, _I_ see. That’s just not true. See that with no seer right now.

You cannot deny your very Being, which is ever present as the silent backdrop that is That on which or within which all those mental modifications appear. Take your stand as THAT, the undeniable and forever-Here presence of awareness that is both indescribable and inescapable!

Q: Examples” Sometimes I have the feeling that everything around me is just an expression of me through that particular manifestation. For instance, you Charlie is just me, you are the Charlie-aspect of me, and I am the (seeker’s name) -aspect of me. In other words, if my body was your body, and your experiences were my experiences, then I would be exactly you; only since my body is not your body and your experiences are not my experiences makes that I am (seeker’s name) and hence not you. I always have had the feeling that nothing matters enough not to be trustful and joyful, in the sense that all will be all right no matter what. This is not to say that I never feel miserable, because of course I do at times. But even then, I don’t really-really mind, somewhere deep in the background there’s that reassurance; which I experience as apart from me though still, my inner certainty does not confirm what I think is the case. I don’t feel it as equal to me, there is yet me and everything else which is not me; I am convinced mentally that that’s an illusion, but just philosophical, I cannot live that as yet. I don’t want to disassociate from myself, since that would be artificial and hence dangerous for my mental health.

C: All conceptual! Drop that and stand upstream of all that mental noise; i.e. Being That which cannot ever change; you timeless Space-like Being itself. You will never live that; you are already being Lived AS That. Just notice That Now.

Q: My question, what would you recommend to me?

C: Let’s see how the above responses go for you. Because in Reality, since “you” are a FICTION, the false belief in which must be seen through and dropped - by no one - AND given that, who would recommend what to whom!??

Love, Charlie

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