The Eternal State

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04 July 2013

No matter what occurs, YOU ARE, and THAT is Forever

Self Knowledge has Huge Benefits

After 5+ weeks in hospitals I am home, and talking with seekers again. i have lost most use of left arm and some of right arm... but getting Therapy at home. Maybe by Christmas... but wait:

What happened, you may ask?

Here then is the story. Bear in mind though, You and I are NOT any of our stories! But for those interested...

I am sitting in Starbux waiting to go to a meeting. I leave, and 3 feet from my good ole 98 Jeep I have a heart attack, black out and hit the bumper of the Jeep face first. Yeah, that shit leaves marks!

I awoke on the ground in a pool of blood. Broken nose. Broken arm. Both shoulders way dislocated, left one over 8 inches. Broken dentures. Various other damages, especially to nerve bundles in arms that allow control. But here is he sailent point:

I was NOT surprised.

You see, Awareness, which is Ever Fresh and Always fully present (yet perhaps mostly overlooked) registers EVERYTHING. So on waking, at the conscious level, I knew exactly what occurred, because when I wake Awareness informs the happenings It registers.


That is an incredible gift for which I thank John Wheeler and 'Sailor' Bob every day.

A RENO FD guy happened to be in Starbux and he spoke to me, and said you fell, I called 911, the bus is on the way. I smiled at him and said thanks. The EMS lads were wonderful! And as they strapped me in for the ride to Renown Regional, i quipped, "Hey guys, what's wrong with right now unless you think about it!?"

Full Stops all round!

In the following two weeks I had two MORE heart attacks, and the Cardiac team worked there asses off to keep the old thing around.  I suppose partly at least s this could be shared! Who knows? But having NO fear of a nonexistent future for a nonexistent me is also a rare and treasured gift.

What happened over that five weeks in another tale for another Now. Meanwhile, I did get a refund on part of the process that I started with the support of folks' donations, to apply to far larger bills.... my first 9 days in hospital was $166,000.00! Of course my copay is a fraction of that! TGF Medicare and Senior Care Plus Medicare Advantage. My share will hit about $4400 and I could use some support, if you are drawn by the Heart to offer it. Either way, know that I love You all with all my heart. 

Thanks for the good wishes on Facebook too!

Much Love to all! ~ Charlie on 3 July 2013

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