The Eternal State

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07 December 2014

The Paradox of this

A friend writes:

Q: Tony Parsons says that the me identity is not just an idea or belief but is an energetic contraction.   Jeff Foster says that it IS just an idea, a story.  So I am confused about that. Please could you tell me what you think about it

C: The paradox here is that both are correct as POINTERS to what the "me" is. I put it this way: The "me" is the story/storyteller, and that conversation is driven by a deep BELIEF in separateness.

Q: I know that the me isn't real because I remember seeing that to be true when I was very young. But that doesn't change the fact that I do seem to be this separate me.

C: Exactly. Therefor have a really good look at that "me" and see what is that which DRIVES the belief etc? It is essence, oneness appearing as that story/energy-contraction..... let me know if this helps. With Love, Charlie

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