The Eternal State

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26 November 2014

Here Now

The understanding here is quite simple. There is no individual doer, not in me, nor in anyone else. Everything is a happening of consciousness or God and God's Will can never be known in advance of any happening! What will be will be!

So here, now, it is clear and obvious that everything is a happening of God or consciousness and is Its will, so where is any problem? Only if I take myself to be the doer, the actor with responsibility, and I need to plan what to do to make things work, is there a problem. Because in my experience things happen the way they happen regardless of my desires or fantasy expectations!

So essentially, it is clear to this thing called charlie that everything that happens is the will of source or God and the destiny of this body-mind organism programmed by DNA.  And, its subsequent conditioning... In short, charlie is on automatic as a puppet! Whose strings are pulled by God.

So why worry, why be concerned about it a future which has nothing to do with this what is which can be called Now? Don't worry, be happy.

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