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22 December 2014

Dear Friends...

" probably know my pop, Charlie Hayes. He had a pretty tough night last night. A heart attack and two stints later he is resting, but in some real pain." -Charles Edward Hayes on Facebook, 13 Dec 2014

Yes it has been a real bad one. I have congestive heart failure and only 45% of pump left. Pain and shortness of breath abound...

Update 22 Dec, recovering at home, on 24 /7 oxygen. Difficult getting around but little by little I'm hoping to regain strength. Thank you for your support and your loving messages. And if anyone is in a position to make a donation towards the copays, which are rather daunting to say the least (in the low $ thousands!) , that would be deeply appreciated. With my love, Charlie.

If you are able to assist please use the Donate button on the right top of the page, and great thanks in advance! And big thanks to those of you who already have.

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With all Love, and many blessings for a great holiday season,

22 Dec 2014

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