The Eternal State

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24 September 2013


Many thanks and much love to all the friends of this space that have offered support, both monetary and sincere well-wishes.

FYI the reason for the fact that I no longer am able to offer consults is this: Typing hurts, talking hurts, life hurts! Laff a minnitt!

The right shoulder, it turns out, needs a shoulder REPLACEMENT, according to the orthopedist. And the left needs rotator cuff repair.

These procedures are extremely debilitating and not all that safe for a near 77 year old organism! Being on the short end of this dream-living experience, I will pass. Cannot figure any way to handle either the costs OR the months of incapacitation/therapy etc.

Verily I say unto y'all, shit doth happen! 

Feel free to stay in touch, I read every message and appreciate them. Until my landlady finds me dead on the couch with  book in the a[, at least.

I am extremely grateful to 'Sailor' Bob, Jhn Wheeler and Wayne (Ram Tzu) Liquorman for their solid and accurate pointing to my real nature  (which f course is also YOURS.) 

Love is Real. The Rest is Dusty Dreams.

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