The Eternal State

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19 September 2013

In the Dream-Story, ANYTHING is Possible

Hey I have news! If you are still entrenched in the patently false belief that you are a person, apart from Totality, with choice and free will, listen up please.

I (speaking -as if-) that I represents the body-brain conditioned apparatus) was, in May 2013, in really GREAT shape! I was fit, had a lot of vitality (for a 76 year old machine) and basically rolling along like a champ.

Then I had that heart attack and fall!

Several months and a few thousand bucks later, I am seriously disabled and there is neither funds nor health for a) shoulder replacement, right side and b) rotator cufdf repair (left side).

So what? Who cares?

I tell folks that if I notice the internal conversation going into bitch-and-moan status, I say one reminder word: SYRIA. No complaints make a damn bit of difference, you know. ALL hat is is a dream-appearance - but that doesn't main it doesn't suck. It just is not expected or whatnot that any thing I mean anything could or should be different from What-It-Is! Full Stop.

But caution to the reader: Unless the issue of knowing beyond any doubt whatsoever that YOU ... the real You ... are untouched unchanging ever present space like awareness, the inquiry etc. into the nature of a me will be utterly futile. Because it reinforces a FALSE premise, an assumption of a fictional identity that is nor more real that "the man in the moon". Inquire into the nature of the man in the moon! Hunh!? Silly at best and a cause of suffering at worst. So STOP already and LOOK:

Am I awake? Present? Aware?

You cannot say no. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, your true-nature is incontrovertible: Malice may attack it, ignorance may derideit, but in the end (as in the beginning i.e. NOW) Here, It IS!

Again I say to thee, Full Stop.

Questions? Feel free to write or call (contact info on right side of page.

Meanwhile, Great Love!

Charlie, 19 Sept. 2013

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