The Eternal State

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29 September 2013

On Having No Memory

Totality, The Universal Appearance in and of Consciousness-Being, has zero memory, near as I can tell. Yes, if I like I can “Google” my brain and come up with words or picture, or both together in a cinematic display on an invisible screen. But these images are devoid of any substance. They are, like one sage put it, “flowers in air”. Wisps of essence appearing as flowers in the clouds, no different than flowers I can touch and smell; though those memories are seemingly more solid, more “real”. By the way for the speech cops who cringe at the “non-nondual’ “I” or “me”:  I use “I” to point at Consciousness, Self-Aware and Awake, and “me” to point to this ever-changing two legged robot called Charlie.

I express it this way: "Charlie” (or your "me-name") is the experiencing of what appears; I is the Universal Experiencing of what is.  Self-Knowing-Its Self... so to say. But of course I must add the caveat: All words are noise, semantics AKA bullcrap. And yet, in this appearance of Self-Knowing-Self, all there "IS" is Semantics, and Nothing. Words attempt and forever fail to turn that Nothing into a "thing-CALLED-Nothing." It's hopeless!! Ha! But wait: I am not proposing that this is true; merely sharing and pointing as best I know how, so please don’t believe any of this. ALL "Beliefs" are lies. Damn Lies! Ya just caint tell da truth no matter how hard ya tries.

To continue delving into what is, behind the appearance of the Universe: On a gentle and persistent investigation into what really IS going on in and around this robot-like appearance called “me” and looking with a little sharp distinguishing at what is Absolute and what is Relative, all I find is … well, how about we look together, dear reader, and see what we can discover in concert, here and now? You game? Let’s look BEHIND the everyday waking assumptions of who and what we are. Are we a thought? Are we a feeling? A pleasure? A pain? Are we the body we seem to occupy for a while, then shuck off like old clothes at the end of the allotted span of living? (Or closer, "being-lived")?

IF The Great Is prompts that sort of looking, there may be fruits, may be a “living freedom” presencing beyond “your” or “my” so called will or volition. Then again, there may be other fruits. Does anyone really know what will be, in the next moment of being-lived? I-me certainly does not!

So now, that’s a WHOLE lotta words that say what? Mean what?


“Words, being merely the product of temporal conceptualization, have only the most
limited usefulness.  They can point to or describe a mango, but they can neither yield
its flavor nor alleviate anyone's hunger.” Ramesh Balsekar

“Painted cakes cannot satisfy hunger”. Ancient Hindu pointer