The Eternal State

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26 July 2013

The Natural, Eternal State just dawns on you...

JM writes: On Saturday I was walking to my car from the bank and a woman pushing a kid in a cart (the bank is in a grocery store) passed me close enough that I could see the mother had a medical alert thing around her neck. I got to thinking about how far advanced medicine is now and all the people all over the world whose lives are "better" because of it.... and all of a sudden everything and everyone was one interconnected "mass"... a "mass less" "mass"!!!! It was the coolest, weirdest thing!! I've read from you and others "typing is happening" or things are done "sans doer", but I never "felt" it. Well there  "I was w/o the I" and there were these feet walking to a car nothing (feet, car etc.) were "mine"!! It was so COOL!!!!

More and more things like that are "happening".

More and more peaceful/excitement (lol) is happening and "everything/nothingness" is soooo COOL!


C: Yes it certainly is way cool. As noted in another post, the benefits of self knowledge are extraordinary! 

As 'Sailor' Bob Adamson told me when I was with him in Australia, this, once "installed" so to say, will just dawn on you, like if you are walking to your car and it dawns on you, oh I left my phone at home, and you return to get it. In the same way these kinds of insights just come along without the false self center having to do a thing (since it is false what could that do anyway??)

He also said to me, "This lineage [Nisargadatta and back to the primordial Guru] cannot fail". That is absolutely true in my experience!

This is wonderful news and thanks very much for sharing it. The natural and eternal, which you have never NOT been, is now out in plain view, and no longer overlooked in the way it was until the pointers sank in!

Please do keep shgaring as it will likely benefit others who are still a bit confused by the pointing to What Always Is!

Thank YOU!

Love, Charlie

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