The Eternal State

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25 July 2013

Just This, As It Is

Just this 

Although in Truth there is no seeker, no path, no attainment, no teacher, no realization: If there is seeking happening then this may resonate..

Perhaps the habit is to identify your self as the thought "I" - as in I Am. Notice right now if the Presence behind the I thought has been overlooked. Break into the habit, being aware of That Presence as your True Identity. This takes no time nor practice. It's just a natural seeing, right here, right now. And that's the end of seeking; the Natural, Eternal State has been found to be never missing. There is no mystery to this. It is, simply, what you already always ARE. Right Here Right Now You Are This. 

In This, AS This, There IS No End and No Beginning.  

Ask yourself: Do I Exist? Am I Aware that I am? Obvious, isn't it?

YOU ARE. That Existence that YOU are is the same Existence that Nisargadatta, Ramana, Christ, Buddha, and Krishna et al ARE. It is not that "they" "were" That; they, and YOU, ARE That. Timeless Endless Beginning-less BEING. 

The I AM that "they" are is one and the same as the I AM that "you" (REALLY)  are. Existence cannot get more existent. Awareness cannot become more aware. You are That, here and now, fully Being and Aware. Just stop stubbornly refusing to be what you are, and quit pretending to be anything other than That.


So call off the search! And if you think you cannot, ask yourself, WHO said so? Question the assumption that what you are is limited or lacking in any way. Asking yourself, Who am I? What am I? Where is the me I believe I am? This investigation reveals the false AS FALSE, leaving ONLY the Real. Just ASK, with no expectation of any answer or any outcome: Simply ask and see that what you truly are is no thing. 

Can something come from no thing?

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