The Eternal State

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15 November 2013

There Is Only Here

Yes, it so happened that there were 3 heart attacks, a terrible fall, dislocated shoulders, broken nose and arm, and had only 30% use of my arms as of the end of May. 

Now after months of therapy augmented by pain management the arms are up to about 60%, though the left shoulder rotator cuff is ... gonzo. 

Hmmm ... makes it interesting. But the right is about 75% so it is workable. And this body is one helluva lot better off that a great many. Especially in the Philippines!

In all the drama the True-I, i.e. that Awareness-Presence that I Am, remains untouched, despite some really intense pain! 

Great Thanks to 'Sailor' Bob for pointing out the actuality of what I am!

Was in hospital and rehab since  21 May. A lot more healing and therapy, many weeks worth, and continuing as of Nov 15.

All said and done, there is always clarity and Understanding, regardless of all the shitstorms that continue. Still sort of T-Rexy here :-)).

For anyone interested, here I am, it is Now, and all there is is THIS.

Just So.

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