The Eternal State

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15 November 2013

Once Upon A Time . . .

There are three core beliefs that virtually organism inherits, usually around the agre of two or so:

The belief in Time i.e.,past-present-future as a real thing
The belief in location or position i.e. here not over there
The belief in a "me" that possesses and expresses these attributes.

The problem of suffering for human beings arises as a product of these three beliefs, which form a hidden yet highly persuasive paradigm, i.e. a SET  a NET, of assumptions which until really carefully looked into  rule the roost.

That is what most call "life".

That is NOT LIFE!

LIFE - really LIVING - is that Eternal Changeless Presence (Pre-Sense) which registers the appearance of that paradigm and all the products OF that paradigm... and do understand that this paradigm is, simply, FALSE.

But each seeker of Truth must rediscover, re-cognize this for him- or herself

And no "practice by an ego" will allow for the discovery that there is no such THING as ego. That so-called ego is just another conceptual PRODUCT ofnthe false paradigm.

seeing this im,personally and directly could be called "enlightenment.

May all recover that

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Bob said...

Thank you so very much for all your blogs, google feeds and most of all questions from clients, guests, friends. May the gifts keep coming your way in more ways than one. Take great care, Charlie! hugs ~ Terry Nieminen