The Eternal State

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18 November 2013

Can Awareness-Presence be "deeper?"

Questioner:  It is now seven weeks out since the "seeing" happened, and there is appreciation for the freedom, the space, in which movement now happens with greater ease, through what was previously sticky. With the "core" of "I/Me"gone, there remains only a bunch of beliefs circling, seen for what they are. Thought there would be more words to write on this but nothing coming at this moment. The one thing that struck me the other day was that from 2006-2010 there was a major flushing of attachments (beliefs). So far the experience of this transition is underwhelming and subtle. Seems to be very different for everyone. Any pointers to a newbie welcomed. There is just a sense of wanting to go deeper.

Charlie: Ask your brain, WHO wants what isn't i.e. wanting to go deeper? The non-answer puts you right back in "IT". 

There is NO dimension or depth to Pure Awareness, that Beingness is simply Infinite and measureless... Being This, there is no person, nothing to get, no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today!

Awareness is always "on" so there is no need to try to find or deepen That. In fact, such practices will just reinforce the false sense of self that claims despite no evidence or proiof to be separate from the whole. All there u\is, is Totality.

Ultimately that never excludes any appearance or phenomena. Naturally! So the invitation id to rest in this clear Seeing, and let life live Itself through "you"

Love to you!

Q: Thank you, yes that is the direct way...yes, yes, yes.

C: You are very welcome.

Keep in touch as Totality moves the happenings.

Much Love, Charlie

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