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05 March 2013

"You Are Unborn" ... a Review by Randall Friend

"You Are Unborn", is another example of the direct and unflinching message from Charlie Hayes, a "guru" who fits no molds, a "non-teacher" who doesn't wish to add to your worldly knowledge, but wants to rip all your beliefs and assumptions of separation out at the root. Charlie is a master, using metaphor and honesty, in guiding the mind towards itself, to devour itself, to recognize its own futility. And in that recognition of absence of individual self, the Being which Charlie points to may be known.

Charlie graciously gives honor to his "teachers" John Wheeler and "Sailor" Bob Adamson, while his own expression stands authentically on its own. This book contains pointing and dialogues, quotes from both modern and ancient sources, as well as the unmistakable recognition manifested in this unique, loving and hard-hitting expression known as "Charlie". Here is an example of the crystal-clear and no-nonsense writing:

"Being is incontrovertible, inescapable and non objective; the only "separation" from Being that ever happened or could happen is in language only, and language is dreamlike, insubstantial and powerless. There is no way out of Being and no way to attain Being. To "attain" requires "don't already have" and THAT is the false identification with a movement of Divine Energy ... we call that movingness a thought ... of an "I"... which we have made solid and real in our inadvertence and ignorance; The assumption of a separate "me" is JUST an assumption."

Once again, Charlie has provided a text which can sit comfortably beside any ancient classic writing. Between the covers of this or any of Charlie's books, Truth can be found but not as we expect it, or maybe even as we might want it. Charlie clearly points out that " answer satisfies the mind’s search because in the final Truth there IS no answer. THAT is the 'answer!'"

Charlie Hayes provides no answers, gives no crutch to hold on to, creates no foundation for the spiritual seeker. In this void of separate-self-ness, Being may be recognized but not from afar, not objectively, not as something new. In Charlie's words, "It's about the rediscovery that there is no person and yet Being Is."

~ Randall Friend, author of the book "You Are No Thing" from Non Duality Press, and the blog "You Are Dreaming" at

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