The Eternal State

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07 March 2013

Who is really in charge here?

Before the next thought arises, YOU ARE ... Here, Now … Being.

That Being that YOU ARE knows NO problems. All so called problems are in thoughts only. YOU are NOT any thought. Being, Space-like Knowing-Awareness, just Always IS. You are That. Period, End, Full stop.

If the mind claims "I despair", "I am suffering, I hate life, and my life sucks!"  have a good, through, intelligent, LOOK:

What or Who says any of that? Who claims to be a personal "I" with properties like despair?

Do you have at least some intellectual grasp on what suffering IS? What the SOURCE of "my suffering really IS?

Consider this: You are being, living, as a body (so we assume). Then, "shit happens". Your body gets really sick. Or your car gets repossessed. Or your wife leaves you for a rat bastard lover who in her words is "hung like a donkey" where you-as-a-body are "average" at best in that area! So that happens in a life story of a body; is there any suffering in all that? In FACT, no. In the confusion about who we are, yes.

This confusion consist in a wrong identification, first, that this "I" thought is "who I am"; secondly, that this I IS the body, the always changing organism which is but a temporary happening in Universe, and finally, the CONVICTION that WHAT IS SHOULD BE (and COULD BE!) DIFFERENT!

This is madness, pure and simple. What is, IS. There is no should except in the language of a delusion, a dreamed ego-I character who assumes IT is "in charge" and could and therefore MUST makes things go ITS way. But the briefest honest look will show that ego up to be the fake that it is. Examine this: How often do you really get things to turn out "your" way? We are as "egos" tremendously selective in assigning ourselves as "cause in the matter" of the life and living of this one insignificant speck of protoplasm on the one insignificant speck of dirt and water whirling around an insignificant star in a remote and insignificant corner of universe!

But IS that what we really ARE!? This nonduality expression is pointing you to a fare deeper looking! As the Advaita Sage Wayne Liquorman points out in "Never Mind":

"The source of the suffering is specifically this quality in which the organism usurps the subjectivity of God. But it is absolutely crucial-to remember that it was NOT the organism that decided of its own volition to do that. What I've been pointing to all along is that the volition claimed by the "me" is in illusion, so it can't possibly be the organism that created it. That's where this teaching diverges from many so-called Advaita teachings, because they say that to wake up is the one decision that the individual can make, while the individual has no volition over anything else. The way I understand such a concept is that there is only one thing left for you to screw up: waking up. If you have the power to simply allow the waking up to happen and you don't do it, then you must be the biggest idiot of all time! Of course, it is more desirable for the ego to think of itself as an idiot than to think of itself as impotent."

But: Who Are YOU in the matter? Are YOU a thought? "Ego", as Ramana Maharshi tells us, is merely the "I: (or ""me") thought. Nothing more than an insubstantial thought, yet we take that thought to be who we are, and in doing so, the assumption is "I as this thought (which includes thoughts like 'I am the body" etc", AM the God of All Creation; it is an usurpation of the Infinite Omnipotence of the Source or God and is right down at the core of every human belief system. And it is no more real that the once-assumed "fact" that the earth is flat!

If you know you self as a thought, there will always follow that suffering will arise. To know Thy Self as No-Thought is freedom. That does not mean thoughts are somehow resisted or are wrong; only that what YOU are is free and clear, an open space of Aware Being IN which thought appears and subside like clouds that come and go in the forever Empty Sky.

You in that metaphor are NOT the clouds (despair etc). YOU are The Sky.

Be That, your True Self, which is already the case; only NOW you just recognize it, and nothing can trouble you ever again. Nothing temporal is Real Nothing that happens is You. Being is Knowing, Seeing, One-Essence, Not-Two.

Now: The exhortation comes from many (including Ramana and Nisargadatta Maharaj) to BE THAT and nothing else. "Be as you are!"

Since That is what You already are, it's very simple, according to the currently "popular" Advaita teachings, whether of so called "Neo Advaita" or "Traditional Advaita. But ARE you as the idea-of-me the Source of "your" seeing this "simplicity" and having the happening occur of the end of "me" in which there is the demise of seeker and therefore the end of "your" suffering? When in fact this "you": is no more than a hypnotic suggestion placed in the organism by god or the AUTHENTIC Source?

But if you "could" do that would you not have already done that? This teaching is about realizing that a) You are not what you think, believe and even KNOW your "self" to BE?

What has been seen here in the last few years is that SO many of these self styled teachers are ignoring what Wayne (and a very few others, like Ramesh Balsekar and Tony Parsons, for example) have pointed out so powerfully, and that is this question of having the volition to "inquire", "investigate" etc. I am not saying there is anything "wrong" with all that, far from it! ALL of that is also (obviously!) part of God's Play, the functioning of Wholeness. Whatever you like to call it. But is sum or summary, every great authentic teaching has one statement of fact at its core: "Thy Will be Done". The false sense of authorship (as Wayne puts it) has simply mechanistically or hypnotically USURPED God's Power as its own. The irony is that THIS is also the perfect Will of God: ALL THAT IS, appearing and not-appearing, as it is and as it ain’t, is the "Maya", the Play Of God, the Dance Of Shiva.

So, as the Buddha said, “Life is suffering” This Teaching adds: “UNTIL the hypnotist (God) snaps His fingers!” Then, in the Eternal Permanent Now, the intemporal-self disappears and, there is, as the Buddha said, "Nirvana is Peace." And the Buddha is also purported to have said, "Suffering and Peace are Not Two!"

Digesting that one might break the system of concepts into a trillion invisible pieces leaving the True Peace that you really are. We shall, as always, simply have to see if THAT is the Divine Will for that organism you believe to be "you". Meanwhile, what will happen will happen, whether "you" want it to or not! This body called charlie has been quite ill (again!) recently and as is always the case, it is not clear what will happen regarding its health. The best of doctors don't seem to really know what is going on despite a myriad of tests. Maybe the old thing is just wearing out! Gotta happen sooner or later. No worries, no one is born and no one dies. That doesn’t; relieve pain but it does relieve suffering! That is okay!

God's Will IS being done!

All there IS is God's Perfect Will. No "you" or "I" or "me" has one gram of authentic free will to "make what is different than it is! Isn't that just SO bloody obvious? If NOT? "God's Perfect Will!"

Full Stop.

Remember here that "God" is ONLY a word POINTING to the ineffable and invisible non-conceptual ... That which IS and never is NOT. Words must always fail to capture this essence we call "God".

Don't confuse the WORD "God" for the REAL God, or Pure Wordless Awareness. Cannot be perceived or conceived yet IS. That is the Final paradox of THIS "sharing" or "Teaching".


Jérôme said...

It is true that the claim of many non dual teachings nowadays is that you can decide to wake up!for instance I watched some videos of Francis Lucille who exorts the seeker to trust the understanding,or to have the willingness to live as awareness!!and so one of his students Rupert Spira followed his suggestion and decided to live for few days as awareness,and he loved that!that's such nonsense!! what is not clear is that there is still the FSA operating in this,the FSA claiming everything it can claim!
so yes,it's good to hear a teaching which is not spoiled by the FSA!:-)

Charlie Hayes said...

You might also enjoy this from Ramesh ...

"In the eternal moment, the present moment, there is no "me" and there is no duration-- no past, present and future. And when there is no "me" and no sense of duration, all there is that silence in which conceptualization cannot take place."

Anonymous said...

And yet, isn't it the case that each of us as a completely fake pseudo-entity apparently decided we'd had enough of suffering and that we would do something about it, becoming a seeker or whatever. Okay, so later we realise that was just a happening and there was nothing to decide anything. I might ask Jerome who it is who is nitpicking Francis Lucille and Rupert Spira...? While there is some point to be made here, lambasting teachers or emphasising this fine point, and therefore suggesting those others have it wrong, you have to say who has it right in doing this lambasting? So what is the real point in making this distinction? Is one being 'emptier than thou'?

Charlie Hayes said...

Thanks for commenting, Anon.

You caught me at a time when there is a little energy to type some meaningless words, so here's my response... FWIW!

So here you have asked Jerome about his comment, who will answer or not in accordance with his natural programming as an aspect of Wholeness (just as YOU are!)


What we are pointing out is Impersonal Communicating. I discovered over three decades of being bullshitted by "teachers of pseudo-nonduality" that if you take this stuff as a personal communication, you will project that and assume others are doing the same. It is ALL the One Functioning. There is no accusation coming from me that anyone or anything is wrong with ANY expression; rather we are pointing out that ALL are perfect aspects of The Whole. So whoever gets their shorts in a knot is also Perfect!

What IS is Perfection, including every one of your, or anybody else's, perceived imperfections.

Wholeness, God, Unicity ... these are all just labels. What IS is label-free. That's the point!

I will only add that in my actual experience there are very few who resonate here as "authentic". I currently try to avoid assessing particular "teachers". I find it can be a distraction. But that doesn't make it "wrong".

It's all the One, Dancing with Itself!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying Charlie. I agree. Some expressions are more useful or 'authentic' than others. Get well soon, ginseng may help the body recover its vitality.

Charlie Hayes said...

Thank you, Anon, I do have Ginseng. It does help. So does Reiki. All good!

Jérôme said...

there is a very clear presentation of the pitfalls in the "teachings" on the first page of Tony Parsons website (the open secret)...Tony says it all beautifully as always!:-)

Charlie Hayes said...

Jerome, you are ahead of me! :-)) I was moved to post a pointer to this as well.

You are quite right; Tony's home page is crystal clear and utterly UNAMBIGUOUS! Thanks for the "team-assist". Tony is completely authentic and at the same time absolutely unique! That is the beauty of this, the wonder of this .... there will be a new post with an excerpt and link shortly.

Much Love!

David Harrison said...

I enjoy your conversational style, Charlie. Just wish I would have stumbled upon your videos years ago. Keep it simple stupid is your style. I hope this post finds you in good health!! Namaste' my friend!