The Eternal State

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28 February 2013

One Essence

Turn on your television. Go to any channel at all where you see people doing things  What do you see? What do you REALLY see? Images moving? Talking? Music? What is the Reality-Essence of all that is appearing and moving on the screen? What is the nature of all the movements,  sounds, pictures? Are the characters and objects and apparent people on the screen actually real and independent entities acting as egoic self-willing people apart from the screen? What is the real doer of all the action? Are the people other than flashes of electrical energy? Who thinks they are actually there (here)?

Now turn the TV off.

Where did all the people, sounds, entities, objects GO??

This may serve as a useful metaphor for this apparent Universe loaded up with appearing planets, stars, galaxies, earth, people, places and things. Where really are all these appearances appearing? are they not appearing on the Screen Of Life Itself? Silent Aware Presence? Who believes otherwise  And what exactly are all the appearances made of? Is there some energy at the heart of it all? And what is at the Heart of the Heart of it all?

A hint: If you were not Conscious and Present, where would all that stuff be?

Consciousness-Existence is the Essence, isn't it? Check that out. No You i.e. Consciousness-Awareness i.e the Screen on which the appearance appears, no appearance  Doesn't this show that indeed, as the Sages have pointed out since the whole thing showed up IN Consciousness, that All There Is, is Consciousness?

Is there any solid reality to rocks or feathers? Snowflakes or rosebuds? What IS it all "made of"? Is it really REAL?

Who says so? Who or what accepts or denies the Timeless Reality that IS ... Pure Existence-Exisiting eternally and undeniably?

Seeing that nothing happens without Consciousness, isn't it clear and plain that Consciousness MUST be that Essence and all there is is That?

And That, dear Reader, is the One You Are.

This is You typing Your words to You. With unbounded Love.


1 comment:

victoria said...

hello , you I that is WE <3