The Eternal State

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11 November 2013

Can you claim "I am not being already"??

Questioner: My English is not so good but I hope you will try to understand for me and I thank you very much because you said that you love us in your videos so I gathered some courage to write you.

Charlie: It is just great to hear from you, my friend. And I thank you and acknowledge you for your great courage and humility. It is very refreshing!  And of course I love you.  How could I not, you are the exact same Self that I Am! There is only the One Self, and since you are, YOU MUST be That.

Q: I don't see any good future in my life but rather I have been suffering from many kinds of mental and physical problems…

C: Tell me please, where are these “problems” and “sufferings” unless you think about  what’s simply appearing in the Space-Like Awareness, which IS  What-You-Are?? I mean to say, make no mistake, that ALL problems and sufferings are mental, language, words and letters. Take away language and what still exists? What has never changed ever? That is your true nature! The denial of his is mere mind stuff. Do not let that fool you into believing it is real. Please!

Q:  …but still I have some hope that I could become enlightened but for that, I cannot manage anything except reading online magazines articles and the method to enlightenment...

C: And that stuff is all concepts, essentially bullshit! What never changes? In your own direct experience? Beyond any concepts, spiritual or otherwise? THAT is Being, Seeing, and natural Knowing, here and Now. THAT YOUI ARE, here and now, cannot be denied … do not accept any belief of words that claims otherwise. Your existence is beyond doubt!

Q: I have read about the method of Vipassana meditation and I try to apply as I walk sit lying down or standing. Do you think such ways can lead me to my goal?

C: No. Why? You already ARE what you have set out as a goal. It takes NO action to BE, does it? Are you being, right this instant? You cannot claim, with any real proof, that you are not already being. That is what you are. It is literally insane to “seek” what you already are!

Q: And you have said that no future enlightenment is there so what should I do or not to do for self-realization?

C: See above paragraph!

Q: Why I suffer so much if I don’t exist? Is it only because of the I me and mine concept? How can I get rid of these things?

C:  First off, the notion “I do not exist” is only a pointer to the question of the existence of any separate entity called “I” or “me”. Do NOT turn that into some “word of god” or “truth!”

Secondly: All “why” questions only lead to more bullshit stories of a me.  Believing in any false self must be questioned (and if there is good luck that happens!)Where IS this “me?” Who is asking “why”? Look deeply into this (which will only happen if it happens to happen (all by itself just like the sun burns and oceans wave and totality arises as all-of-this, and all by itself).

Q: Is it possible to become a Buddha if I increase the speed or quantity of my practice of non-attachment or the Vipassana meditation?

C: No. See above. There is no one who is not already the Buddha. Buddha, when asked “who are you”, responded, “I am awake.” Are you awake? To answer no or yes, you must BE awake. And that, Awakeness-Awareness, IS what you are! When there is the direct obvious seeing of This, the seeker is taken out of the equation. The goals are gone back into the nothing that the arose from, the innocent mistake of taking ANY words to be some “truth” and the seeking that was never going to bear fruit is over, like snow thrown into a roaring furnace.

After all is said and done, what remains? YOU as You Are, forever and always, Nondual and eternal!

Q: Thank you very much for reading for me.

C: Of course. It is my privilege to share this with you. Now JUST BE. Easy and simple since you already are always being! I Love You.

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