The Eternal State

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09 February 2013

Nothing-Everything and Beyond

A Dialogue In Oneness 

Questioner: Dear Charlie, thank you so much for reading my emails and responding. What a great gift that is to your readers! 
Charlie: My pleasure. And it’s always fun to see what erupts through these old fingers in the space, coming seemingly out of a headless Being here and making squiggly appearances on a screen! 
Q: I have been trying to figure out what causes my resistance, why do I pull back and stay in my world of illusory thoughts? 
C: Right off, please notice that in the above sentence, there are four false claims of being a discrete, separate entity, a so called “individual. Where is the substance of that “I” or “me”? As to causes, this play is, in a word, un-figure-out-able. The mind cannot grasp what is pointed to here. What IS cannot fit, it’s too huge! A friend of mine said once, in effect, we are looking for the truth and want it to fit into our worldview. Given that paradigmatic worldview, the truth simply does not fit. And keep open to the fact that all “why” questions lead to  more and more stories. The story of any “I” or “me” is irrelevant, immaterial and false at the core. 
Q: One thing I have discovered is I am afraid of losing my self, my family, friends and my 
uniqueness. I have read that when you find your true self, and if all the rest [the story] is a lie, why stay locked in it and suffer? I can't change what is. But I am still hesitant. I believe I would be moving into a state of a true pure love, but will I still love my partner? Will we still get along, have things in common? What if he doesn't see, or want the change in me, will we grow apart? 
C: Well, what “will happen” will indeed happen; the film is already in the can. No one can 
affect, modify or alter what-happens. Regarding “uniqueness”, one paradoxical pointer is that the appearance will NOT change… unless it does! No one does that! 
Like a snowflake, each unique and unrepeatable, each body-mind human organism IS unique, yet all are the same in the pure Energy Essence – like the snowflake is in Essence water.  All that said, your questions are articulate, deeply considered and rich in their openness and their possibilities for the “End Game” of seeking – discovering directly and unquestionably what is REAL. Let’s dig in! 
Here again (in the above) is “your” claim – imbued in virtually every human robotic puppet at around age two   -  of a “me” with sometimes control and a fear of losing control. (As a former racing driver I know that one REAL well!) "What if", you say, then that what if is followed by a litany of negative possibilities, of impending doom. That IS the false me AKA the “ego”. IT claims. Then ITS claims occur as “MY” (YOUR) thoughts - which while seemingly real - are ONLY a set of assumed beliefs, including the belief in a believer, which produces suffering - often very intense suffering, for millions.  Page | 2  
That invisible paradigm of believer-belief (dualistic, obviously) rears its head once again as there is the claim, “I believe I would be moving into a state of pure love”, followed by the egoic and ubiquitous DOUBT, “will I still love my partner?” The questioning of “what if” is a product of another belief in that set, the paradigm – the false  belief (with the inevitable simultaneously arising false believe-ER) in there being a real thing called “time”. Where is time, a past, a future, even a present, unless thinking is making it up out of nothing and sending it into that brain – the receiving-mechanism for Consciousness-appearing-as-paradigm? If this is too abstract ask the question “for whom is it too abstract? Are you still in figure-it-out mode? That’s okay. T’aint you anyway – or it’s ALL You, depending on what you accept yourself to be. (By the way… there is, so I am told, scientific evidence that thoughts occur in Consciousness a few 
nanoseconds before the human brain receives them. In short we are always late to the party. It has all already happened!) As the sage Seng Ts’an put it, “The Way (truth) is beyond language.”  
“In It there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, no today.” 
Let’s insert here (to paraphrase Salman Rushdie speaking about his novel “The Satanic Verses”, and life afterward), "the whole thing is unimaginable." What and Who You Are is in FACT (not opinion) unimaginable, invisible, yet fully and eternally present here-and-now! Here also we have the classic collapse of real love and relative love (which is not love at all but most often attachment, infatuation, affection, or very strong emotion. Real Love is impersonal, universal, and ever present. Love is THAT, the THAT the sages point to with the words I AM THAT. That is, of course, ONLY a pointer. In Truth there is no one who OWNS That. THAT is all there is. THAT IS LOVE… as it really is. Words are woefully inadequate because there is no such thing (thing!) as “an IT”, but words are all we have (at this stage). REAL Eternal Love is neither love nor hate, neither attraction nor repulsion. It is, as one good man puts it, a Love that loves war and peace equally and fully. In other words, real LOVE is acceptance of WHAT IS, however with neither acceptor nor acceptee. So there will be whatever is, regarding your partner, and THAT will be perfect as it is and is not. Just like everything else! 
Free will is a very persistent illusion. This is discovered in using that free will the false sense of me claims, to look into that assertion to find reliable evidence, testing it, investigating it. If YOU have free will to choose, why would you ever choose to think or feel anything that brings about suffering or confusion? When that claim is investigated, it falls apart. Then free will is seen to be neither free nor willful. But it takes the looking. Say you believe there is a thief in the house on a story night because you heard a crashing noise in the back room. Is there a thief? Do you believe there is an intruder, and panic? Or arm yourself with a fireplace poker and go look? Perhaps finding that a tree branch is hitting the window due to the wind? 
This all points to the unnoticed and devastating paradigm of beliefs and believer. (See Bob’s bit on belief.) Its central claim is “What I say is TRUE and conversely what you say is a lie.” Just look at politics. To assert opinions as truth is a very visible product of this bankrupt paradigm of the hidden yet ever-present background – a context that has been left unexamined (except by a very few) for centuries! In my unguarded opinion, you are indeed fortunate that the Unseen director, producer and energy of the movie-called-Life has brought that bodymind puppet to looking into this stuff! 
Looking, seeing, finding out for yourself what is REAL, brings forth a gentle, sweet humility. It is a stunning but soft realization that truly, we are powerless, and that is an awesome yet utterly ordinary freedom. Life is now - as it always has been - an unfolding of what already is. The movie that is already complete is being viewed on the screen of awareness by no one – and everyone. False distinctions collapse into what simply IS. My pointer is that what is Real is Simply Oneness-Being. Non-conceptual, language-less, silent and loud, still and moving – like the river moving while staying always only water. 
Q: I feel like I have glimpsed a state of no mind, for very short periods I feel a oneness with a silence. Not like I get my mind to be silent, but like it just is because I am that silence.  
C: Yes, YOU ARE That Silence. Yet it is thought-ing, sound-ing, move-ing nowhere and 
everywhere. Moreover, there is NO no-Mind State, NOR any "state-ness" to what we point to as “The Eternal State”. That is simply stateless. And there never WAS a "mind!" That notion is a story, only a fiction. Albeit, a fiction reinforced over millennia by the language we inherited at birth. Yet, seeing clearly it is obvious that merely repeating a lie over and over and over does NOT make it true - despite the claims of politicians and false gurus. 
Count up your assertions of an I, I, I, I, me. mine. This is only to show that ingrained learned habit of mistakenly claiming individuality. In normal everyday language, we all use “I”, “me””, ‘my” and other personal pronouns. But what differs for those who have completed the investigation is that there is a natural, effortless SEEING (with no se-ER) - that all the pronouns point to - in Reality, simply IS. BEING. Just That and Nothing Else.… SPACE. Awareness, clear and open, objectless and subjectless. Then those pronouns are continued for communication purposes. It is rather like knowing that the you are not the car you drive to go shopping or to work. You KNOW you are not the car. But if someone runs into the car and dents a fender, notice how the assumed person HAS deeply identified with that car and shouts “YOU HIT ME.” 
Q: But then it all comes flooding back in. During those glimpses I feel a tremendous amount of compassion and a real aliveness exploding from my heart as a rush of love I guess.... 
C: It IS the experiencing of relative love, which keeps that seeking going, because it is so 
delicious. But keep open to the fact that this is ONLY a passing phenomenon of experiencing, and you are the experiencing, not some fictional experiencer.  
Q: When that happens I feel like I would be a better person in a relationship, that there would be less problems, but I don't know and the thought of losing the connection with those close to me scares me. 
C: Aye, that’s the rub! Seeking is about “becoming a better person” while True Understanding (which belongs nowhere and to no one) is the absolute demise of the fiction of being a person at all! It is dying into everything, and nothing. Not Two. Impossible to grasp yet, IT IS. As to “relationships getting “better”, ask my ex-wife, my sons, if any such “improvement” has happened! Spontaneous expression is often a radical honesty, NOT always all that welcomed by those whose understanding has not ripened. Shit happens, but there is no shitter. 
Q: Thank you so much for your time!!!! 
C: Again it is my pleasure. If no one writes the expression doesn't come. So you may benefit “others” in that imaginary “future” with your well-formed questions. Love to you and “yours” … the Ones that the mental-you calls “others” - and love all ways. Forever amen! 
Q: Several days ago I finished rereading your email and the entire quote of Seng-Ts’an from the Hsin-Hsin Ming off the link you sent me. Very cool! I don't know why this question has come to mind, but do you believe this pure love, awareness energy that we are all a part of can... Well like lead me to you, influence the mind body mechanism to guide it to truth etc. in so much as life has a general or vague pattern that is good?  
C: First off let me repeat that “I” believe NOTHING. I do not accept the premise of a dualistic belief-with-believer. Period.  (Again: See Bob Adamson’s definition of belief earlier on.)  Secondly, “good” and “bad” are simply mental overlays on What Is. For what you really are, these are irrelevant! We are being lived by - and are - perfect expressions of Oneness. There is ONLY Being and since you are, you ARE That. What could be simpler? 
Q: Do you think the thoughts that bring about action, followed by more thought can arise in this presence awareness in a planned or purposeful way (not by "man", but for the greater good life flows to good/pure love by the good/ love energy) so as to work things for the good or better? Is it just random, or is this oneness pulling us (all parts) in together to realize the perfect peace and oneness that this world could be if everyone realized we are not separate? 
C: No one thinks. Thoughts happen, then due to ignorance trained into the brain, we think “I think”. But that’s just another thought that no one thinks!  Also, as you said once, quite eloquently, “There are no parts to bring together we all already are there in the one true presence awareness right!” Now stop here! 
Q: Sorry, don't know if looking into this deeply within will help at all in observing my true 
non-dual nature, but to some degree you were right, I am still in the figuring out stage, and I was just wondering. My phantom "I" thinks this unity, this pure energy of truth and love that we all are would... I don't know... Flows towards its own simple truth and thus life would flow likewise. 
C: Aw. Ya didn’t stop! Oh well… anyway, “you” CANNOT “observe” True-Nature; the seeing is devoid of any such subject-object dichotomy. That false paradigm of two-ness is the source of all confusion and the corollary suffering.  You are not here except as a phantom appearance in language. And seeing the phantom AS a phantom is all there is to this. Life and we are just a dream, real only as clouds seem real in appearance but are actually empty, in substance. All is well in and for The Sky, AKA The Unborn. You are That. Full Stop Much Love to you dear One. 
Q: Thanks again for taking the time to read and reply, and not just for me. The last part of "From I Am To I Am With Love" has many excellent email interactions that have helped me see beyond the me even if only for short periods of time. It was cool to read your reply to my question- even if for a split second I had "seen" "understood" "felt" the answer later as I read more of your book. I think maybe no more questions until I'm done in case all are answered if I'd just keep reading!. 
C: That split-second is enough! The Sages call that sudden awakening - usually followed by 
“Gradual Liberation.” But hey now: all “answers” are ultimately crap! Any concept is only 
pointing beyond itself to the Truth. That said, it is truly a privilege to be “used” by Oneness, so to speak, to share the great good news of the already-freedom that we actually ARE.  THAT is undauntable, untouchable, eternal, and ever-present as your own knowingness of Being. Simply Being! Inescapable and inconceivable, yet real, permanent, never-changing. You ARE that changelessness; all relative appearances notwithstanding. THAT is Love. 
That pointing was VERY tough for the me called Charlie to stand in, until ‘Sailor’ Bob pointed out that it is impossible NOT to stand in That. Notice the space around you, the computer, your home, family, town, universe! That, the Empty Space, filled and vibrant with all actions doing themselves sans doer, is what You are in an easy-to-see immediacy. Just THIS Moment. IT IS and Thou Art That. Period. Take your stand AS That; THAT expresses in the dream-world as the simple knowing, “I AM”. Try to not BE. Can you stop being ever? Try to not be! Cannot be done. There’s the absolute proof of your very Self, the Truth of Being.  My latest book is titled “Simply Being”. You may find in it a set of pointers that resonate. (And as with “From I Am”, some of this dialogue my appear also, with names withheld to protect the Innocence that you are,) 
Q: This time I'm writing because of your website and the fact that it might disappear and maybe not be kept up (to date) due to issues with funds and health (if I remember 
rightly what you had posted). 
C: That is what is happening, yet the pendulum swings. This near 76 year old body-mind 
mechanism is like an old car (or an old dog!) that needs lots of TLC. 
Q: I know it’s the home I never left and yet feel like I have only caught glimpses at this point... And I do realize the "I" in that, and that perhaps realize isn't accurate either as it (and I know there is no it) is NONconcepetual. But I continue to read, to seek "without seeking" and to choicelessly and w/o judgment observer the Isness that is the truth of all things. 
C: Sounds great. Yet I invite an even deeper looking - WHO or WHAT are you referring to when you say “I”? WHO “knows it’s the Home I never left? Being is Knowing, but without a 
“knower!”  There is no “observer”, no “knower”, no "witness” in Non-Dual Reality, yet in the appearance i.e. dream it SEEM there is the dualism of subject-object. Stop all ideas of “becoming” and “someday” in their tracks and come back to Simply Being, Cherie! 
The True “I” is Consciousness, simply Being. The ancient nondual Sages called That 
“Purno‘ham Vimarsha – the Pure I-Consciousness - in Sanskrit. The THOUGHT or WORD is 
NEVER the actuality! Can you eat the concept Vegetable or Steak? The word food is NOT the actual food. In that same way the word I is not the authentic I-Consciousness. That is the whole point of looking into your self – can you ever FIND a separate “I” or “me” with ANY ACTUAL substance or independent nature? Simply stop at I AM and add nothing, and discard all questions except Who Am I? Or What Am 
I? You get no answer. That, this “No-Answer”, is the big Open IT that allows the seeker that never was to “disappear.” The Sages have repeated for eons, “The seeker is the sought.” That is the only TRUE Self Knowledge. 
As the ancients of Tibet put it, what we are pointing to is what they named “The Great 
Perfection”, which they go on to elucidate as “Non-Conceptual, Ever-Fresh, Self-Shining, 
Presence-Awareness; Just THIS and Nothing Else.” YOU ARE THAT. With great love I 
strongly suggest: Do NOT refuse to be what you are; and please stop all pretenses of being other than That. 
The best description of this Understanding is, there is nothing wrong any more… and there never really was! It was imagination, concepts, acquired false knowledge that ends up being useless for the taskless task of Self-Realization that no one can “do”.  
“If some Power has turned you into a seeker, don't you think it is the responsibility of that Power to take you where you are supposed to be taken? “ ~Ramesh Balsekar ...
In other words, you’re FINE! And I love you as the Self we all are. 
Q: Thanks again for your time!! 
C: It’s a pleasure!: I have read all your recent e-mails and I got what's happening. It's PERFECT. You are in a rich, deep inquiry, and it is a blessing to participate with you in that. Thanks for allowing me to share with you what works for "final freedom" ... not FOR any "me" but rather FROM that false sense of separation as a "me". Some responses have arisen and are here below. Have fun and keep it simple dear One. Much Love! Charlie 
Q: Even though your new book "Simply Being" did arrive a few days ago, I decided to launch into Bob's book "What's Wrong With Right Now..." Since that was the order I had planned, and I 
think the slightly different styles, trying to express the "unexpressable" helps one who is seeking that which they already are… [God, the limited, imprisoned mind can go crazy trying to "know" and yet: think and verbalize the knowing that is beyond words]... 
C: You cannot go wrong with Bob! 
Q: Anyway, I read the first 30 pages at the gym on a treadmill. Needless to say since stuff like this is often best re-read, I planned to start a new now at home. What I'm wondering though, is: the end of the 1st page of chap. 1 (and some on the next) sort of left me with a lot of questions... As I kept reading I felt like what was trying to be expressed there was a far greater essence of Isness and perfection, and that I needn't let my ego mind "trip me up".  
C: Okay! 
Q: However, reading it again now (undistracted) I still have the same nagging thought/question. I think Bob and the questioner are talking in general about how the "One" became many, and perhaps Bob is addressing that only in terms of non-duality  but at the top of page 12 he says "so in reality, nothing has ever happened. Patterns of energy appear. It is still the same intelligence energy."  
C: RIGHT! It IS all One Intelligence-Energy creating the appearance of this dream. Stop right here now. And remember these are conversations with other seekers, and Bob is a master at speaking to the already-always-ness of the individual seeking-organism. 
Now: If you want a clear and cogent pointer to “how the One becomes many”, get a copy of John Greven’s seminal book on this: “Oneness, The Destination You Never Left”. It is succinct, crystal clear, and deals with that point powerfully. Get it at Enjoy! 
And please don’t take a signpost to be the destination. 
Q: On page 11 he even says something about it being the "play of God" based on the Hindu 
tradition. My first thought was about Vietnam vets who are haunted by their deeds. Bob also says "how can the experience know itself? It is complete; it is whole; it is perfect". How can people whose mind/body organism has done some very "atrocious" things relate to that?  How can that be true?  
C: What IS True?  Simply This: No “individual” exists that ever did a single thing! What Bob is coming back to here is that which Always-IS regardless of appearances. Nothing whatsoever is atrocious to What Is. Do you accept the premise that war is wrong? It is simply What Is in play. Bob said, as you say, it’s the play of God. Baba Muktananda (a guru to both Bob and myself early on) called it “The Play Of Consciousness.” In short ALL IS ONE. And That’s THAT. These are JUST pointers… neither true nor false… another pointer … NOTHING is appearing as Everything! 
Q: After school shootings what does an enlightened person think?  
C: Different brains react to a stimulus with varying responses. One might start a group to ban assault weapons, another my shrug and say, “it’s all God’s will” A third might just torn off the TV news and pick up the sports pages. BUT: Here is the essence of what is pointed out in nonduality: There IS no such thing as an “enlightened person!” An American Sage, Robert Adams, once suggested (tongue in cheek) that we hold a convention of so-called “Jnanis” [“enlightened persons”]. Then anyone who showed up would be automatically disqualified! 
Q: Where is the pattern in that, that has anything to do with the love of the universe? I ask this not to try to "trip you up" as I know what I am close to here is real...  
C: 1: The “Love of the Universe” (really, that the Universe IS) is a pure, NONconcepetual Love that is equally “In Love with” Death and Taxes, Dem and GOP, Life and Death, War and Peace etc. It is ALL a Nondual Patterning of Energy, of Love. This Love is NOTHING like “relative love” whose opposite is always either hate or fear.  
2: Closer? Yes, and No. You ARE already That. You are no closer to That. How could a ‘you’ be closer to the REAL i.e. WHAT IS? So: You ARE That. Your brain keeps expressing dualistic concepts of a me and other that are utterly false and ultimately self-misleading. You cannot get HERE FROM HERE! Ultimately it’s obvious that there is no one to go anywhere. 
Q: But my partner still has nightmares over his time in Vietnam, and I have had my own bit of violence in my life. Not to mention, if I'm not "AT ALL" real, what about the 2 boys this 
body/mind mechanism gave birth to? They are real or I am not! 
C: That is what is appearing. Perhaps the only remaining issue for ANY “supposed-yet-absent ‘you’,” is believing these stories to be real … and who we are. YOU are not that story; that needs to be seen in clarity.  
Meanwhile please tell your partner that I deeply thank him for his service. Though all is 
appearance to what-we-are, he, not knowing that, should be acknowledged for his contribution! 
And also, you can offer deep compassion to your partner; it is terrible to suffer under a false sense of doership! Read my book “Life After Death” and you might see more from the experience of this apparatus named Charlie. That character “did” a whole lot of atrocious shit. ;-) 
Q: Even as I write this I know the "answer" which is really just truth- presence-awareness, is inside me, but yet my ego self gets tripped up by this (twice now).  
C: Really? What is the Source of that believing and concurrent believer? Belief and believer 
arise together! Remember, as Bob points out over and over: "Belief is the unquestioned 
acceptance of something alleged in the absence of reason; acceptance of an alleged fact without positive knowledge or proof". Awareness is not “inside you”. It IS You. 
Q: I will continue to read Bobs book, your latest etc. as I am drawn to knowing what is real and they speak to me of it (though the word is not the thing), so no hurry on a reply, in fact maybe you just want to wait and let me seek it out for myself: who killed, who suffered as a result of violence?  
C: Excellent question to dwell in. Do Not Answer! As Nisargadatta said, drop all questions 
except ‘Who Am I’? 
Q: As a Christian I used to ask: how does god let these things happen. But something (I think my true nature) says that this is no longer a valid question: seek within (and beyond) and ye shall find answers that create no questions and thus are not just answers for the mind to "file". 
C: That is great! Now (when else is there?) there can be the non-conceptual Seeing of That as a perfect pointer to perfect peace. Here is a “Koan”: “There is no God, and God is all there is.”  You are That, as Bob says, Only That, Not Two. You are, in a manner of speaking, God in Drag. 
Q: Perhaps I must be patient... Enough to find out that patience is not needed for all really is as it is and there is no "should be"... 
C: Perhaps as long as there is that false belief in a someone, patience will arise. Then again there may be impatience and an urge to get on with it and get the Final No-Answer to that query, ‘Who Am I’? We shall see! 
Q: I'm now reminded of a Buddhist parable about a woman whose son dies and she wants the Buddha to bring him back to life. He says he will when she can find any house in the village who has not known death. After asking everyone and realizing there is no such thing she sits at his feet to learn more.  
C: From my little study of The Buddha, people around Him learned less and less until there was no one to learn or unlearn anything (of course that brings in a concept of Time, which is no more 
real than that ‘you’ you think your self to be.) 
One pointer from The Buddha that is potent as all get-out is this one: “Actions happen, deeds are 
done, but there is NO ‘individual doer’- not in you nor in anyone else.” Page | 10  
Q: OK maybe not an exact translation but what does it all mean in a world full of body/mind mechanisms that create such horrors that seem to defy fate and for sure a supreme energy of love that we all are? 
C: Asked and answered… a lot! There is no intrinsic “meaning” anywhere anywhen. “Life’s a poor player who struts her hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. ‘Tis a tale told by an idiot, signifying… nothing!” ~ ‘Sri’ Shakespeare 
Q: Sorry this was so long, and like I said, I won't give up my search, just in case you think I 
should inquire within before you reply (and I'm still impressed you reply at all!!!)! 
C: ‘I’ never  reply. Replying happens… like the sun rises and grass grows. In the winter It 
(Consciousness) snows. In the appearance It replies. All good! Tag: You’re IT. Allee Allee In 
Free! You’ll NEVER give up the search. It ain’t “you” seeking. It is The One, playing hide and seek with ItSelf. 
Q: Thanks again for your time, in the emails you have already replied to and in the books that are pointers to "your" - and everyone's - inner peace! Love you. 
C: Oh hey shore darlin’! Love ya right on back. Wait: WHO SEZ? Cheers! 
Q: The bodies are always, only temporary. Seeing them as the self, as the me, we personalize the suffering by thinking it is real, lasting; by hanging onto the experience as memory and putting hope into a nonexistent future. The past, future, time, is not the actual. 
C: Yup. 
Our true nature is beyond the body, beyond the experiences of the body beyond time, beyond death of the body. We are everlasting love, peace, energy, w/o suffering, w/o conflict, w/o separation; simply pure consciousness awareness, non-conceptual, not bound by life, death, time, or space. In this ever present energy there is no center and no peripheral, no beginning and no end. So there is no point in the questions of my last email. My "concerns" are not living truth, but appearances that arise in that space. My mind still wants to grasp this and my ego self to claim to be the knower... But I'm getting somewhere, closer to the nowhere that I already am :) I feel a 
happy peace, a unity, a fullness and an emptiness... I am that!! Much love. 
C: Full Stop! Now DROP all the concepts, especially those “holy” ones! BE. Simple. BE. 
Q: Thank you! If anyone doubts the validity or sincerity that is our true nature, your joyful 
willingness to help others should dispel all doubts. Thanks again for so much help with your 
book and emails! 
C: My Pleasure, dear One. 
Q:  I thought if my mind was still producing thoughts, then I hadn't "gotten there" yet. I stopped focusing on I am which began to be a thought my mind just repeated as mental verbalizing of it, and began to focus on I am That the home I never left. Now when my mind begins its mental narration of everything I do and see, there is a space 
around those narrative mental verbalizations I am in that space and /or that space is in me... I can't explain it... it is simply there and I simply am in the since of being.  
C: That is the utter simplicity of this. But look again: You ARE that Space; it is not an object within a “you subject”. 
Q:  I'm connected to everything and everyone in a way that makes me no self.  
C:  Great pointer … now drop the concept and Be That. Easy; you already ARE That! 
Q:  My mind still narrates my life but is now quiet at times and I know longer listen with 
identification I just observe its "story" from the space in which the thoughts, the self and 
experiences arise in. I "thought" "IT" would be different - LOL. Turns out "IT" just "IS". WOW. Love… 
C:  Spot on. Now remember … NO concept can ever capture What You Are. BE as You Are. 
That’s all.  “Give up all questions (or comments) except ‘Who Am I’? Abandon all thoughts except ‘I Am’. ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

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