The Eternal State

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29 January 2013

When there is Bodymind Illness...

If you are following this site you know that this old body-mind has been and still to a degree is dealing with some illnesses that come and go. Due to age some stick around and deliver often excruciating pain, particularly upon waking up and having to get out of bed to pee etc! :-) 

Such is life living itself here - through this organism. 

What is wrong with this? Nothing!

Here is a very potent point from Sri Nisargadatta, sent along by a good friend and reader of the books, JB:

"You will find in pain a joy which pleasure cannot yield, for the simple reason that acceptance of pain takes you much deeper than pleasure does."

That is perfectly congruent with my direct experience of this being-lived-ed-ness. Thanks JB. Well done!


Anonymous said...

Charlie, I'm sorry to hear you are in pain.

You know, it's really okay to drop the Advaita-speak and just admit that things aren't always okay. No need to keep repeating that Tony Parsons garbage "Nothing is happening", and so on. It may be true on an absolute level, but not a human level. Sometimes I feel that you don't truly understand the paradox of this.

I know you like to give the impression that you are always okay. But come on, just admit that you are human, and things aren't always okay. I loved the video you made at Christmas, where you admitted how much you were suffering. Why did you take that video down? Are you trying to keep up that image of "Charlie the non-suffering guru"? You are so much more loveable when you are just honest and real, and show your pain to us and stop trying to hide it behind Advaita-speak.

Tell us that you are in pain, and sometimes you really lose your clarity. That would be okay. It's okay to feel frustrated, Charlie. It's okay to feel like shit. It's okay to curse and swear at life. It doesn't always have to be 'okay'. Isn't that just a spiritual concept? And you don't need to then come back and tell us that everything is perfect. This 'everything is perfect' nonsense is just ANOTHER concept. So many concepts!

Of course, even if it's not always okay, it's okay.

A compassionate friend.

Anonymous said...

So nice to read the last comment! an old old friend!;-)