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09 February 2013

Which One Is 'True'?

Who IS "Charlie Hayes?"

1. A baseball player?

2. A former Racing Driver?

3: A former state of NC Supreme Court judge and still a brilliant attorney now in his 70's?

The Baseball Player is still thought of as a ball player. He's in his late forties. The racing driver is still considered an ex racer. He's a writer now in his seventies. The attorney is revered as an attorney and former Justice, now in his seventies. Or so it is said!

Which one am I?

Pick one. Any one. They are ALL fictional characters. 

Who IS the real Charlie Hayes?

All of them  AND None of them. They are ALL fictional characters in the Dream of Life Living Herself!

(The attorney is a character in a book by novelist T. Davis Bunn, FYI. The Baseball player IS actually a ball player. Inasmuch as anyone IS anything of course. And Charlie Hayes, the old Racer? Dead man talking here.)

Grin and Bare It... Naked Awareness is ALL Including these chracters and a few billion more!

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