The Eternal State

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23 January 2013

An Amazing Exercise In Futility

There is one sure fire way to keep final "spiritual liberation "away: Seeking it ... for a mythical 'me' that despite its chimera appearance, is taken to be VERY real and perhaps committed to "GET THIS for itself" at any cost. I shudder when I recall the vast amounts of money and energy I put into this seeking for wholeness before finally seeing the utter final futility of it. Seeking for "me" to GET something called enlightenment is NO different than seeking a fleet of new Ferrari's (been there did that) or making a name and winning races on the Big Time Motor Racing circuit (been there did that to.) So what IS this seeking for some holy grail for the assumed individual anyway? Spiritual Materialism (same as material materialism except some say ... 'nobler'.. What a load of bullshit THAT is.

So: If you are a seeker of enlightenment and have bumped along some path and veered off to this place, I have good news and bad news.

Bad news first? Okay. You can do nothing to gain enlightenment  simply because the you you think and know you are DOES NOT EXIST.

Now the good news? Bad news first? Okay. You can do nothing to AVOID enlightenment  simply because the you you think and know you are DOES NOT EXIST.

Now the best news (if you hear with no ears) is simply this one: There is no such thing as a person, ergo no such thing as enlightenment.


Yes, really. No one ever did anything; there IS no one, despite the entrancing experiences of all of this that seems real until there is a seeing through it. But that doesn't happen to of for a person! So whet is on offer in this space?


You're Weldome!

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