The Eternal State

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27 May 2012

Ordinary Bullshit ~ Spiritual Bullshit

Before I was hooked into spiritual noise and finally nonduality, life was very ordinary. I raced, ate, slept go laid when I could, etc. Then in the midst of the search "it was seen" [advaita corrected-nessly speakin'] ... 'all is consciousness, there is only Self, that there is the nondual too, all is nothing, there is only oneness' etc etc ad nauseum!

NOW, life is ordinary. I eat, sleep, watch Formula 1 and Indy racing, nap, eat ice cream, cook Rib-eyes when I can afford; play Texas Holdem whenever I can [I am slightly up at the game], dream about getting laid [been WAY too long! Applications accepted... :-))], consume as much Red Bull as I can afford, etc etc, and it is all absolutely insignificant! AND there is no big deal about either spiritual bullshit OR ordinary bullshit. Mostly people just annoy me and I prefer hanging out in nothing, in my Reno cave ;-) - and I prefer sleep to waking and or dreaming. Whatever! :-).

Is it ignorance or apathy? I don't know and I sure as hell don't care! LOL (Thanks for that last one Chris P...)

OKAY Gilbert Schultz ~ come on in and blow some hot air now if you wanna.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,

Excellent point! It reminds me of a point of John Greven's - nothing really changes, only the search ends.

Now without the search I find I'm a rather boring animal, and I like it that way! I love to loaf & relax, feeling at ease. After so many years of mental constipation it feels like the message you, John Greven, and John Wheeler have shared has 'cleaned me out.' All the shit is gone. What's left? Just is-ness.

Ordinary consciousness is just that, it's ordinary! Nothing much to it. And it's great. I love sleeping too.


Charlie Hayes Now said...

Spot ON Matt. Great to hear from you. Sleep well :-)

Roeland said...

Finally an honest spiritual teacher. I wish they would all be honest. Instead most seem to prefer to create a holy image that their New Agey followers appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie...what a breath of fresh air!! Aint life just a cool or hot breeze! Beautifu l:-)