The Eternal State

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22 January 2011

A Review of "Thy Will Be Done ...

J.S. writes,

In this thing(dream) we call "life" as a human in this world, there are stories about "me"(the central character to my experiences) and other than me(you and the world which includes everything). What's possible when hearing the message delivered in Charlie's book, "Thy Will Be Done: Awakening to the Eternal State" is this dream we call our life can truly be seen to be what they REALLY are, just stories ACTUALLY made of NOTHING. What is pointed to by Charlie is what you TRULY are, boundless existence that silently shines, exposing all thoughts, labels, concepts, beliefs, stories... all seen to be made of NOTHING; ALL completely transparent, leaving NO ONE present and aware as pure peace beyond belief. These stories and this dream, before investigating their true nature, are believed to be completely real, solid, made of substance and believed to be who I am. And when believed to be real, they can cause what is referred to as psychological suffering.If there is an interest into the true nature of experience, AS IT IS, then read this book. It can guide you to see through beliefs that aren't true, that seem to obscure freedom if truly examined. As a result, recognition of peace beyond any and everything. It is what you ALREADY ARE. Have a read, and SEE for yourself. And if interested, call Charlie to discuss further. He helped end my search... Love, J.

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