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18 September 2012

New Book "Simply Being" - an Excerpt

What IS vs What Appears

(What's so vs. what's assumed…)

The essence of what we share here is extremely simple. The innate sense of being a person with "stuff to deal with" is NOT what we really are. That "sense of me" which is pointed to as "the knowing that I AM" is just another appearance of the empty space of being, the "nature of which" is self-luminous, pure Light, pure Existence Itself, which is the irrevocable unavoidable infinite background which allows for "I am" to be recognized and known. In essence, all our "knowing" is actually untrue. While it can be pointed out that "being is knowing" (i.e. knowing-I-AM), abiding in and as the ultimate IS which is prior to appearance, language, and experience, and also PRIOR TO KNOWING, is "more true". Why? Because it must be really obvious that for anything to appear, there must be a field, a realm, IN which the happening of being is made possible. In short, the Light of Pure being is the necessary and incontrovertible "conditionlessness" for ANYTHING "else" to arise!

Seeing what we are, this ever-shining Light of Isness, and seeing what we are not, namely a separate self apart from that Light, is the death of birth and death and the end of becoming. It is that Light which you are that is the Realm of Possibility, a conditionless space wherein and as, ANYTHING is possible.

In a realm called "anything is possible", is there ever anything "wrong"? Anything "missing"? Not unless you say so. To say and accept assertions of being limited is the delusion that language, unexamined and accepted at face value, brings forth as suffering. The pure Possibility of Being, the Absolute Freedom which you actually are, becomes "tainted" by languaging limitations that are simply NOT TRUE.

What is TRUE? What is REAL? ONLY a space that never shifts, changes or moves anywhere is real. The reality is, you are that which is before language and language has the capacity to either "limit" possibilities OR “invent" possibilities. Which would be empowering in This Presence and which would elicit suffering? Take a good look at this.

It has been said that the mind (or consciousness, being the "I am" appearing in and as the world, is a great servant but a terrible master. If that is true, then what if the correct use of consciousness-mind is to challenge all assumed identities, regardless of how lousy or limiting OR how high and holy? Moreover when the stand one takes is what one is is NEITHER One nor Many, neither "being I am" nor NOT "being I am", then it's clear that all there is is now and here-ness, right?

Starting from the stand that what we are is that which is PRIOR to any idea, experience, or knowingness, AND deconstructing the "me" sense and abiding as the Light of empty Light, is freedom, love and peace.

Why would we ever settle for less?

Once pointed out, it is clear. Let the clearing YOU are be That of Anything Is Possible!

Why NOT?

You can get a pre-publication edition at 40% off (because it may have minor error or typos) from my publisher HERE.

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