The Eternal State

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16 July 2016

The "I" thought is NOT your enemy

The "I" thought is NOT your enemy

Some spiritual "teachers" propose with conviction that the  thought "I" must somehow be destroyed, or transcended, or some other dualistic notion.

This is I am sorry to say, Ignorance.

The I thought is nothing more or less than a POINTER. Like the finger pointed to the moon is not the moon, the thought  I is a pointer also.

To what, you ask?

There is an ancient Sanskrit phrase. It goes "Purno 'Ham Vimarsha. This means "The pure unadulterated I Consciousness/Awareness." 

That is Eternal. Never absent even in deep sleep. 

(How else could you know you slept well, or dreamt?)

So take it from the ancient Vedantic Sages. That thought is a brilliant POINTER to your True nature.

May you realize it now!

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