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31 July 2015

Summer Update and New Pointers

Here's a summer update on Health. 

For many weeks now, it's been a tough slog for the old body. 

Thank God for nonduality and self knowledge! The simple seeing of the body dancing in the world is a real gift. Beyond price. That said, here's what's going on: 

The legs seem to be almost history! I've got about 10 percent of normal use of the legs, and have trouble walking without a 4 wheel Walker. Getting around this let's say interesting! So it is. 

The doctors are working on it, and some medications appear to be helping a little, and the energy is back up to the point where I can take on writing this newsletter.

Hopefully, this finds you well, my friend, and if you are able to contribute to the ongoing medical bills that would be just great. But no expectation here!  With chronic heart failure, there is little expectation that there will be any significant improvement, unfortunately. but eventually death has no effect on who I am and I have absolutely no fear of it. 

Meanwhile, sitting quietly, All is well.
With much love, 

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