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28 December 2015

New Health Update

Some of my friends are looking for a health update.. here goes. 

The major issue is chronic heart failure as most of you know. This is ultimately fatal but I still have 50% of the pump left so that could take a while. 

I also have problems with hips and legs and my arms and shoulders don't work real well because both shoulders were badly dislocated a while back. 

Having had three heart attacks, & a few bad falls, just doesn't do the old body any good! 

 I also have a lump near my left breast which is quite sore and expanding somewhat which will need to be checked out to make sure its not cancer. If it is cancer I will probably just let it be rather than fight through chemo and all that. So that's the current situation. 

Clearly though, thanks to Bob Adamson, the understanding is absolutely certain here that none of this touches the presence of awareness that I am and that everyone is. That is a real gift! 

That's it for now, I will update again if anything changes. Thank you as always for your love and support, it's deeply appreciated.And of course your donations are a huge help!

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