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16 August 2014

Is “Separateness” Real?

Are you really separate from others, and objects in the world? Or is that simply something you have said to yourself (i.e. believed deeply) for so long, it is now an entrenched belief? If you believe deeply that you are separate from everything else, then that is the way the world will appear for you. Can you see that any belief is not necessarily true?

The earth appears to the senses as flat. But is it really? Can you see that most beliefs are not grounded in reality? And when you look for proof, the belief (for example, the belief in a divine entity, or Santa Claus, or the tooth fairy) what is discovered? Notice:

You can find no proof whatsoever. 

Seek the evidence for your truly being separate from me, from the world. Tell me your proof. What can you offer? Nothing. Nada. Zip!

Separateness is a master illusion, a lie perpetrated over millennia by the race called human, despite the clear lack of evidence for its reality.

Crazy, isn’t it?

So take a good look within what you call “your separate self”. Seek evidence for this notion of being separate, until there remains NO doubt that there IS none! Go to it. It’s worth looking into.

Once we believed the earth was flat. Now we know better; the belief shriveled and died when it was proved to be a persistent idea of truth but nonetheless, it’s a falsehood. A LIE.

Find out: ARE you actually separate?

Certainly the way things appear to us, appear as separate from us; that is how the senses function. Even our bodies appear to be separate from our self, don’t they? (We say “my body”, right?) But as in the case of seeing a flat earth, the senses are NOT reporting what really is so. It may take some deep looking to uncover the falseness of our senses. But just maybe, it is worth it. Rather than accepting the false as real, find out what is really going on if you can!

It is worth a good long look, my friends. I assure you of that: there is freedom, joy, peace and a deep affinity at the other end (I have experienced that here). So have at it and be in touch if you like.

It is a great gift to rediscover the Silence that we are. It brings peacefulness that surpasses language, surpasses “understanding”.

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent” ~Wittgenstein

(I am indebted to Landmark Education, who inspired this essay).

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