The Eternal State

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16 July 2014

who is in charge here?

Who is in charge of your life? Or what?

What follows is not the truth. So do not ask yourself, is that statement true? It is not absolutely no. 

And, you could say, it is true as a pointer to what is.

You see, the truth is that you can speak ain't the truth. Sorry about that. But that is the brutal reality of non-duality. Just ask Lao Tzu. The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.

When we point at the truth, we are asking you to look at where we are pointing, rather than try to figure out the words, and try to fit them into what you know or even what you do not know.

The unchanging reality is simply indescribable and unknowable with the mind. But you probably know that grand idea. But just in case you do not, here is a reminder.

Ask yourself this question: who is in charge of this life of this body, mind that I claim as myself?

Ask yourself, who is pulling the strings of this puppet. I called me? Is it the light, or is it a someone or something or what?

Have you ever inquired into this? And if you have, have you gone all in with the inquiry?
If not, you might want to go for it. But then again, maybe not. If you find it in the least frustrating. Just pass and let the Pointers sink in in their own time (assuming that there is such a thing as time)!

I found something that really lit me up when I read it recently, and I am going to share it here: it is from a really good book called "The Last Good Man." One of the characters is sharing an insight that is so spot on, as I said, it lit me up. Here we go:

"In the understanding of goodness and the good deed, we think from an existential point of view that we have a choice. But you do not. Just think of the story about Job. Your piece and a bigger puzzle, and someone else – or rather something else – has made up the rules of the game. What is paradoxical in the Job story is that there is nobody else God thinks war about the Job even though he takes everything away from him. It is the same thing with all of you. With you personally, Niels. You have also been stripped of your free will and the possibility of moving freely." By A.J. Kazinsky

Like I tried to point out before, that is not the truth. Is a pointer, a signpost. Do not focus on the words, focus on where the words are pointing. As a metaphor, considered the dog: if you point to the dog's bowl, the dog will stare at your finger instead of the bowl. 

Do not get trapped trying to figure this out. It will make an nutty.

Simply be with the pointer. Know that the Pointers are coming from the very same consciousness that you are. Knowing that, relax and enjoy it. 

Thank you, I love you.

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