The Eternal State

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15 October 2013

Who Sees "Others"?

A Viewer of the message that “There is NO "Eternal State" on YouTube shares: “So, is physical pain and suffering happening to no one on Earth? Does no one feel chemicals forced into their stomachs or into their eyes? (all kinds of animals in labs) Does no one feel their legs broken, bound together and their bodies strung up in the market to be bought alive? (dog meat market in China) What about all the torture, physical suffering?”

Charlie: Who sees ‘others … “human others” or “animal others?” The moment there is the ideas of “me” … an “I” APART from Wholeness … is “installed” in a human brain, there arises the false paradigm of two-ness. “I” and “other-than-I” is a belief and creates a false dream-like paradigm of separation. There is NO person and that is a pointer and NOT some “dogma” to take in as yet another false belief. Investigate: Where IS this “I” apart from “other” … animal OR human? Looking into this from nowhere into nothing is a possible happening, but owing to the brute fact that on investigation there is no person and no one to be separated from all-that-is, “you cannot ‘do’ this ultimately, yet it CAN “happen.”

This was the experience here and in that direct wordless timeless seeing there is the happening of the end of all suffering bang! Right now! So long as there is a false context, an assumption of a “me” as a person, these questions go on endlessly and never produce a sense of completion or satisfaction. “I can’t get no satisfaction” was a favorite rock song … that one is right on … this “you” can never “get satisfaction” because it simply does NOT exist!

As the poet Wei Wu Wei put it so elegantly, from out of  nowhere, “Why are you unhappy? Because 99.9 per cent Of everything you think, and of everything you do, is for yourself - and there isn't one.“

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