The Eternal State

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04 July 2013

Too Simple For Words

This Eternal-State (really a stateless-state) I point back to is just WAY too simple and ordinary for words, which at best, only POINT, and more often, confuse and addle the thinking-mind into confusion or even, despair.

But that's speaking as if there IS an individual entity that is IN despair or is confused. That entity, when looked for, is found to be absent, and if it is absent now, was it EVER really there? Or just an unexamined conceptual and fictional thing after all

So the real and 'final' question is, do you know beyond mental doubt-ideas what and who you ARE?

Can you ever truthfully deny that you are? Can you avoid or escape the fact that you exist? As has been said so many ways, YOU ARE and you know it beyond any doubt whatsoever. You ARE, present and aware, reading these pointing signposts, yes? Can you say no to presence awareness? Who could deny their own Being-Awareness?

So keep it simple seeker! Knowing that you ARE, and that is never missing or absent even under weird circumstances (see this post), is really ALL there is to seeing what is real: YOU.

Notice that doubts are ONLY thoughts appearing in Present-Being-Awareness. Are they you? Of course not. Then what are you? See above. Knowing this is soooo simple, and always fully shining with an unconditional acceptance of what is, that it seems to be overlooked. Yet even that cannot be true, for to overlook, there must be Awareness within which such 'overlooking' arises.

Seeing this is the end game. No meditation, inquiry, practice or other mental (or physical) exercise is required for you to BE as you already are.

And that is love.

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