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11 April 2013

What IS Existence?

Q: I have read the message that this is all there is.  I can't stop trying to grasp this message.  

C: The question I pose for you to look into is, “WHO is ‘trying to grasp’ WHAT? All words are ONLY pointing – beyond language, to the Essence or Nothing-Ness that appears as this sort of waking dream.

Q: It takes effort to notice my being.  I read that it should be effortless.  

C: It takes effort? Really? Try this: Put all effort into a sincere and rigorous attempt to STOP Being.

You cannot.

Being IS, whether ‘you’ notice it or not. Being just IS regardless of any ‘person’ who either seems to notice or not. It is incontrovertible. Beyond That The Eternal State lies unbounded and free and you are actually That. Just That, unknowable, ungraspable, BEYOND language and intellect!

Q: John Wheeler asks do you exist and I say yes and he says that's it full stop.  

C: Not really, in the view here. The message is actually, Existence IS (undeniably) yet there is no REAL “I” that exists. Another view is that the “I” of Universal Being is IMPERSONAL Consciousness (Ramana Maharshi called it “I-I” vs, “I AM.”) And Nisargadatta Maharaj pointed out that the first foray into delusion is “I Am.” He suggested staying with the I Am until even that was seen as a false sense of self.

Q: So that is the real essence, knowing that there is existence here?  

C: No. This that is pointed to is BEYOND personal knowing; one might point by saying there is knowing without a knower, but again all language is at best misleading when taken on board as some ‘truth’, and at worst - as usually is the case - deluding.

Q: I have attended a Tony Parson's talk and it was fun and very peaceful.  Asking questions directly - does that help?  

C: Well, if it happens, it may or may not seem so. But the deeper query is, “Who is it that needs help? Do you as essence need help to BE? Again, Being simply IS. That is not “your” being or “my” Being. Being is absolute and cannot be “owned” by a word, the word “I” or “me!”

Q: It seems to me that you need to be in the presence of a 'non-individual' to experience the message (open secret).

C: Well, there is already always ONLY Being i.e. non-Individuality. So there It IS, in plain view, forever thou!

Feel free to stay in touch as the self of All moves that organism to communicate.

Love, Charlie

NOTE: Here is more clarity on the “do I exist” inquiry, from John Greven:

Do I Exist?

Buddha is purported to have said, "Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof.”

Francis Crick - Nobel Prize recipient in medicine for deciphering the DNA code said, “You, your joys, sorrows, memories, ambitions, your sense of identity, free will and love are no more than behaviors of a vast assembly of nerve cells."

Any thought is just a movement of energy - it is just mental noise..

The thought that there is a you or that there is no person - is just mental noise.

The thought that self-realization has or has not occurred - is mental noise.

Anything that appears in the manifested reality - whether it appears as a thought, mind, body, other, no-one, – anything, nothing - is, in the final understanding, just appearance in a non-conceptual awareness.

What the One source is - cannot be perceived or conceived simply because there is no other to perceive the One. Yet, there is an undeniable presence that the “I” thought refers to. Find what the mind calls “I.” Be relentless until the Source is clear. Everything conceivable and perceivable is appearance - in the presence/awareness - that belongs to no one. That, I am.

You don’t Exist – Confused?

If the “I” is just an illusion, with no independent existence, then what can you do towards self-realization? Some “teachers” says there is nothing you can do. If you are a seeker - that is frustrating and just does not seem right. There certainly seems to be a “me” doing things. Others say, to investigate the “I.” Ask the question, “Who am I?” As always, the problem is trying to understand these seemingly conflicting pointers in the mind. What is this non-existent “I” supposed to do? Nothing? Even that is something.

These obviously appear to be two very different approaches. But, neither is intended to be the answer. They are, like everything else, just pointers. Taken literally, it is a hopeless situation. The “teachers” who would say, there is nothing you can do will pass the salt if asked. Seemingly, someone did something.

Ask someone what day it is and the mind responds. In the same way, ask someone to inquire, “Who am I?” and the mind responds. The question is whether or not “someone” responded – or - is it all apart of the natural functioning?

Certainly it seems like someone is doing the thinking, passing the salt, and asking "Who am I?", but under investigation that idea is seen to be false. The realization is that there has never been “anyone” thinking thoughts or doing things. Thoughts, like everything else, come and go according to the influences upon the brain. Just as a drop of water moves around in the river without an independent nature, so thoughts arise and subside without anyone choosing or controlling the activity.

The concept that there is nothing you can do to bring the search to an end is true. Yet, doing is happening all the time. The body is hungry and eating happens. The body is tired and sleep happens. The search itself is happening. If it is true that there is no doer, then a lot is still getting done! So, there is no one telling you to inquire, “Who am I?” There is no one to inquire, “Who am I?” Yet, the inquiry still happens. When it is seen that the “I” that believes it is doing the inquiry is just a simple thought with a complex web of concepts supporting it, then no one uncovered the false center of “me.”

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