The Eternal State

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29 March 2013

Is Totality "Real" or "Unreal"?

Q: I know you aren't doing consultations any more, but if your body/mind organism is up to a response (that would only happen, seemingly through you).... In general now all is not only perfect because it can't be anything else, but it feels "good".... Not like a superficial emotion, but like even when "I'm" not trying, there are times the oneness stops the mind in it's tracks!! But I still keep reading, and a book I got even before the first book of yours that I read, has quotes from Nisargadatta and quotes from others as well. Very short quotes at times so perhaps a mental piece that would click is missing... There's a quote from the supreme yoga swami vasistha - I think  that says: "something which is unreal does not arise in the real" Isn't what's "real" the truth, the one realness in which everything appears though appearances are illusory and unreal? Doesn't that mean that everything appears in, and IS the real... Even that which is unreal... But then how can there be an unreal?... Is it because there is no unreal to "really" arise anywhere because "it" doesn't really exist (as it is "unreal") so all there is, is the real {non duality} hence no thing (as a separate "unreal") can arise in the real?

I hope the circumstances of the body-mind organism known as Charlie have improved!!!

C: They have and consults are happening again. Thanks.

Q: Anyway,Thanks again for all the time, energy, and effort, that helps (what happens through you). Much love always!

C: You are entirely welcome; it is a privilege and joy to "be used" for the expression of What Is...

You are quite right; there is no "unreal". Put another way, the Totality of What Is is neither "real" nor "unreal". So Vasishta (whose work I studied in depth some years back) was pointing to the absolute impossibility of codifying ANY truth: Bring it back to the Tao: The Tao that can be told is NOT the Eternal Tao.

I, like you, still enjoy reading goodies like that. THAT is also the way "you and I" are "being lived" by Totality. There is no duality anywhere... despite the conceptual (relative appearing) structure of this and that, I and you, etc.

Endless Love back to you!

PS Here is a good one from Ramesh Balsekar...

Man, unaware of the seamless unity of all things, pulls in one direction and in turn finds himself pulled helplessly in the opposite direction.  He considers himself superior to his environment and yet is ignorant even of the origin of his own thoughts.  He does not truly know whether any action of his is really of his own volition or predetermined.  He thinks he can shape his own destiny and yet is piteously anxious about his future.  He does not realize that his  confusion lies within, in the knotted, convoluted tangle of his own conceptualization, and not in outside conditions.


Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie

We is a reading group who get together every week. We read the nondual books of Maharaj, Unmani and Klein and Tolle.

We appreciate your book quite a lot. But we are often disturbed highly about your website. It seems to change every day. There is no CONSISTENT message. EVery good teacher has a consistent message.
What we find disturbing is that you are CONSTANTLY asking for donations. And your story keeps on changing. One moment you are dying, then next you are better. One day you cannot give consultations, the next you are asking for donations again. One day you are giving up teaching, the next day you are back promoting your books as if the previous day never happened.

We wonder if this is because you are so in the moment? Or perhaps the mind has taken you over again, and you are back in delusion?

Are you confused?

We would like to ask, does sometimes illness do this? I mean, you can be clear, and then you get ill and are in physical pain, and the delusion comes back? Is it that simple?

We would very much like your replies as soon as possible. Please write a post about THE STORY and about how you can go 'in and out' of clarity.

Thankyou most sincere Charlie and with blessings. OM SHANTI OM


Charlie Hayes said...

Change is constant in "the relative". As for donations, we are underfunded and if donations dry up so will the sites. Thanks for writing, and expressing your honest concerns. Love, Charlie