The Eternal State

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18 January 2013

Three Q & A to "Enlightenment"

A phone rings in This Space. A charliebodything answers:
Charlie: Hello...?
Seeker: Charlie?
Charlie: Yep.
S: I want to ask about enlightenment.
C: Okay... there is no such thing as enlightenment.
Long silence.
S: Do you mean ...
C: I mean what I say. Just That. 
Silence for a while. Then,
C: I usually do not answer the phone at this (late) hour. Bu it's really interesting that you were moved to call and this one was moved to answer. Yes?
S: Yes. Sooo that's it? There is no such thing as  enlightenment?
C: Yep. This is IT. No one to get the no thing that IS. Existing as this appearance to What-You-Are.
another long silence. Then...
S: I guess that answers it all.
C:. Yep.
SS: All the questions are gone.
C: Okay good.
S: Thanks.
C: you are very welcome.
And back to the tV show being seen by no one. Fun? Yep. Profound? Possibly. Wha Cares?

Enlightenment is when all hope disappears. Enlightenment is disappearance of hope. Don't be disturbed when I say that enlightenment is a state of hopelessness -- it is not negative. Hope arises no more; desire is created no more. Future disappears. When there is no desire there is no need for the future. The canvas of the future is needed for the desire. You paint your desires on the canvas of the future -- when there is nothing to paint, why should you carry the canvas unnecessarily? You drop it. ~Osho

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