The Eternal State

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10 February 2015

Health etc

First off, we all need to understand the clear distinction between body and Self. The metaphor I like is the empty sky as Self and the body and its ailments, complaints, emotions etc. as the clouds and sometimes thunderstorms (like say, heart attacks and Congestive Heart Failure). In short, the ever obvious Awareness Itself IS the universal Self, expressed in language as "I Am." 

That is That, the famous "That" pointed out by Sages from the beginning of our shared dream. Awaken to the dream. Right NOW. (when else is there?)

Health Stuff, as of today:

Here's another health update. Off oxygen at home, still need two liters during walking. Regaining strength little by little, I'm now walking quarter mile to three quarter miles a day depending on energy. My goal is to be completely off oxygen by Valentine's Day, the 14th of February. As always I appreciate your support and kind words!

Here's another quick update. I'm finally off all oxygen. What a relief! A little ahead of schedule too. I'm gradually getting my strength back, walking quarter mile to three quarters of a mile per day with my trusty cane. I still say I'm too old for this shit! Thanks everyone for all your support, and kind words, I appreciate it. Now let's go have fun!

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