The Eternal State

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14 September 2014

Living In Understanding

After The Fall ......

One day recently here, after a pleasant afternoon nap, I awoke somewhat dizzy but felt it was under control. I made my way into the kitchen and slurped some cold milk, feeling pretty close to normal. So I sauntered into the living room, intending to peruse one of Ramesh Balsekar's books which I still very much enjoy reading. Approaching the small couch, suddenly all illusion of control vanished, and my legs simply turned to rubber and I found the bodymind gadget called "Charlie" falling down across my old sturdy wooden Salvation Army coffee table! I smacked headfirst into the table's edge and fell to the floor, amid a flurry of colorful words that escaped by themselves from the mouth!

I sat there for a few moments before collecting the detritus from the floor that had escaped the confines of the table, pondering as always, with no effort (at that particular moment), the grand illusion of "control" and "free will". Control, as if, to have “my” actions result in consequences that I desire! Wow, what a sample of truth that was. 

I smiled at the gentle realization that truly there is no control for a bodymind; it just does what Totality wants it to do (talking here as a pointer; the notion that there IS a will operating, and it is The Divine operating, never "me".)

I nearly burst out laughing, as I rubbed a spot of blood off a small bump on the right rear of my head (which fortunately I fell on the hardest part of "Charlie" ! :-)

Living in Understanding offers countless reminders of this absolute design and operation of The Eternal Subject that moves us all, if we are awake to notice. May the noticing arise for all now!

Love and Cheers,


The late Ramesh Balsekar wrote beautifully in his book "Confusion No More", my favorite. Here is a bit from that work:   

"There is enormous complexity in our day-to-day living that gives rise to stress and strain almost continuously. our present day living has lost all its simplicity and we are bewildered by the complexity and [apparent] multiplicity of choices in almost whatever we do. And yet, deep down it is everyone's experience that while we try to shape our day-to-day living, what actually happens is that events seem to happen in a unique way, which is not explained by our usual reason. And, in that odd moment, the thought occurs: why do I bother? Why don't I just float of living instead of struggling against it?

"It is clearly everyone's experience that all one can do is make a choice and, thereafter in spite of all one's efforts, what actually happens - or does not happen - has never been in one's control."


Thanks Ramesh. You are missed and loved!

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