The Eternal State

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18 June 2014

Source of Source?

What IS The Source of 'I Am' 

This is a final question. After all the inquires, practices, satsangs,all the books, poems, travels back and forth, and so on, what are you left with? I AM.

Stay with the sense of I AM. The quiet natural knowingness that you are, here and now you are, is incontrovertible, isn't it?

Before the words, before the phrase-thought 'I Am', there is the constancy of natural knowing of the non-conceptual I AM-NESS that every human being shares.

That I AM is natural, always on, and staying with that (not repeating 'I Am" but staying present to its essence) can reveal the SOURCE of that I AM.

What IS that Source? It has many names, none of which can be "it" because "it" is NON conceptual!

So although the mind can never know "it", nevertheless allow yourself to sit quietly, and allow the attention of the mind to feast gently on that sense of Being itself, the ever present I AM. Allow that to show you its unfathomable, unlimited Sourceness. That, the singular Source of I AM, is the truth of what you really are. Let's give That a chance to find you now.

As Sri Nisargadatta said, "That knowledge 'I Am' is yourself. Abide there only. How can you ask any questions at this point? Because that is the beginning of knowledge." ~From "The Ultimate Medicine" edited by the great Robert Powell

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