The Eternal State

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21 March 2014

What time is it?

Simply notice: The "it" in "what time is it?" or the "it" in it is a sunny day have exactly the same REAL reality is the "I" in "I think" or "I know" etc.

What IS their reality?

Zero. None. Zip.

You can prove this for yourself (and we each and every one MUST prove this for ourselves) through simple investigation:

Ask yourself "What am I" and notice the "ten thousand answers", none of which are true! Ask again and again until it is clear and obvious that there just ain't no such being as a separate or discrete "I" anywhere! Then perhaps the insight will arise, "Oh, I AM That, the No Thing that all the sages point out as our true nature. (If there is good luck on your side, that is. LOL!)

Funny thing is, the two arguably most "complete" sages taught this way. Sri Nisargadatta and Sri Ramana Maharshi taught this. And Bob Adamson taught me how to look, interpret, and finalize That. And That is That! :-)

It was good enough for "me". How about YOU? Will you give it your all?

May it be so and may that Insight floor  you NOW!

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