The Eternal State

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11 February 2014


What exactly IS this "Eternal State" You promote?


WTF do you mean by that?

Any word is a tool of the mind, whose purpose it is to divide, distinguish and describe. So ANY word, such as Awareness, Beingness, Love, The Eternal, Presence, ALIVENESS etc. Pure merely POINTS to That Which IS. No word can EVER capture the wholeness, which is not apart from the Real You. Slap me upside the head, I saw truly that the whole shebang is not "out there” or “in here” BUT (as Werner Erhard points out,) “OUT HERE."

I shit thee not! 

In short, the entirety of manifestation, including, well, ALL of it, exists in Awareness. Try to locate anything, any appearance, any state, OUTSIDE of this very always=so PRESENCE. THAT is effortlessly aware and is in fact Aliveness…. Ah nutz there I go with words again. Ah, such is life Living Itself fully, Out Here! J

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