The Eternal State

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25 December 2013

Happy Birthday from I AM to I AM

The Message of Christmas is one of the absolute unreality of death. The "resurrection" is the opposite side of the "birth". And what IS born? What do we as humans celebrate today?

You already know this: It is who I am. Who you are.

Love. Just That, in all its glory, beauty, pain, suffering, freedom and utter unbounded peace.

I am That. You are That. And That is That!

As Ramesh Balsekar perfectly declared it: "Until the conviction arises that the entire universe is just a dream, it is futile to try to give up anything, and such conviction cannot begin to arise until such time as sensory enjoyment has been sufficiently experienced for one to have realized its essential hollowness."

If you are familiar with the story of this old bitchy guy named charlie, you know that there has been, apparently, plenty of reluctant seeing that life as we know it is indeed hollow and meaningless, filled with despair. If that is clear, then perhaps the other side of my message is clear: There is nothing to any of it! Words are simply sounds of the Silence that Is. Forms are the no thingness appearing solid because of the Light I AM, like a hologram (albeit a rather large and complexedly mysterious one!) See the holographic form/formlessness AS a hologram, and concerns drop away, for if there is no solid "self", which claim can be proved for any so called person through LOOKING for such, then nothing else could be solid either. Get it? I really do hope you get that. Aliveness - peace, freedom and acceptance of What IS depends largely on that, as it is seen here (OR, 'as I see it', in plain English.)

Here is another from Ramesh (and I am indebted to Helena Rowe for these quotes)... 

"True understanding is of the same nature as the simple knowledge I AM -- that I am alive, that I exist, and that I do not need anyone else's confirmation to prove that I am alive and present."

And, as already stated, herein shown clearly, That is That!

Happy Christmas to all and to all, my endless Love!

25 Dec. 2013

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