The Eternal State

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21 November 2013

Seriously!? Going ALL IN.

Often in discussing Nonduality I find a deep seriousness that indicates that the machinations of the mind are taken to be REAL. This is, perhaps, THE major occlusion that prevents clear seeing. This seriousness can be observed in one’s daily living. Being on the lookout for such can show us, like a mirror image, our own deadly seriousness. When observed, there can be transcendence. Transformation. Here is one example:

I sometimes play in a very low stakes Texas Holdem game at the senior apartment complex where I live currently. I am SO amazed at that seriousness of the players. Not about the game. Though few SEE the game AS only a game, meant to be fun and entertaining (the stakes are only 20 and 40 CENT limit with blinds of a dime and 20 cents!)

No, what I have observed is how heavy, significant and deadly serious they take THEMSELVES to be. (Not to mention how bloody ANGRY they are, and willing to hold onto a grudge and resentment for dear life. As if. These unfortunate beings, unaware of who we all are, walk and talk like dead people.

Years ago my good friend Werner Erhard sent me a Christmas card which said, "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly". Yup. He also asserted "Life is a game" and said more about that, which leaves tis faded yet still on board "me" sense laughing at my own self-importance! More later on all that.

So life is a game, playing itself through the billions of "me’s" and all the rest of this manifestation -this magnificent and persistent illusion - so lets us play all in, sans attachment. That by the way is not a prescription, rather a description as the arrival of an aspect of Totality cleans the seeing through an organism, called "me".

My dear departed friend Ramesh Balsekar said something about this: 

“An apperception of the basic meaninglessness of conventional values, in terms of reality, lifts man out of the apparent strife and conflict of life. He now sees life as a game in which he must participate according to the rules but which he need not take at all seriously.”

That says it all. Period. So, whatever game Totality has you participating in, see if it might be possible to play it ALL IN. Forget results, they are provided (already) by Totality, or Source if you prefer. Or God, if you like that conceptual pointer to all there is.

May the seeing be clear for you, right now (for when else could it be).

Love to all and to all a good day.

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