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01 November 2013

Awareness Is NOT A Belief

There is a notion circulating that when you believe you are a separate “person” you suffer, but when you believe that awareness is real you don’t suffer.


Seriously, you must reject this notion. All suffering comes from believing the thought of an "I" or "me" to be real, separate and solid, apart from Totality. When that shows up as a believer, there will ensue suffering. Count on that!

The suggestion is to believe in presence awareness because that is being seen right in front of you. But what is this "you" that would believe? What is right here always before, during, and after any thoughts arise and subside? Self-knowing Being-Awareness, just That. And that is NOT a belief. It’s what IS … nondual, Oneness, and That is not a belief, nor is there any “believer” in That!
A clear pointing from One to One will never suggest that anything be "believed!"  Especially believing in a "thing" called pure conscious being or awareness or being! That dualizes the clear NON-conceptual seeing! It’s subtle ignorance at play … look out! Suffering will follow that belief as the believer is a false mental construct and not the actual NON-conceptual Awareness ... Nondual Being itself. The mind tries to objectivise the non-conceptual formless timeless Being ... But that is YOU, Being, and as That, there is no conceptual structure of believer and believed. It's only in a thought-story that believing and a believe-ER can happen. Imagination.

Looking into the space from the space, I just cannot find a "believer." Can you?

           All that is found is Naked Aliveness, sans belief/believer/believing process...

That is why I always say, "don't believe anything, look and see what you see in the nonconceptual silent Space when you ask, "do I exist?" That Silence is a Knowing "YES" and that is NOT a belief... nor is there a believer ... it's all NON conceptual in This as-it-is Aliveness.

The truth believed is a lie. This is certain here. Not "right!" Just ... certain, here. For no one.

All of the above said, the bottom line is, don't believe anything. Seen "in front of you" (where is this "you?") or not, pointless viewless Awareness-Presence there is no believer, not here nor anywhere else and True Being simply will NOT mislead a seeker into believing in a believer ... which would HAVE to be a subject "you" believing an object "awareness" ... and THAT is patently false.

Believing in Awareness?

This is absolutely false, it's ignorance masking as wisdom.

Full stop! 

"It's an illusion that 'you' exist--the entity 'you' is imagined. The imagination that 'you' exist as something or someone separate is the cause of acceptance or rejection of something known. It is illusion telling the story of its own deception. The knower and the known are just concepts seemingly dividing natural non-conceptual knowing."

-"Sailor" Bob Adamson

(And the same is true regarding believing and believed.)

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