The Eternal State

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25 October 2013

Who Seeks What Already Is?

This Teaching will never be popular owing to the fact that it challenges the existence of a 'person' who could  'attain' something. Who Seeks What Already Is?

When the clear observing-awareness arises that all are already always Being, and That is Already here, that Seeing IS the end of the seeker him or herself. This is anathema to the endless false teachings that currently abound. As Nisargadatta said, 'there are no customers for this'. Meaning, there Is no separate persona/me to get what already is! Ha!

That 'one' who seeks, seeks the one who is seeking. That tautology, once SEEN, puts paid to the endless fruitless futile search for what always already is, fully present here and now. That's That!

"To know the Always So is to be illumined" ~Lao Tsu

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