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09 September 2013

Challenges; and Unfortunately Money is Needed

Unfortunately, totality has delivered big financial changes and as you know it is utterly uncomfortable to have to request support to keep the sit up. But (like all else in the appearance of THIS, there is no choice here but to ask.

If you can assist please do. If not that is OK of course. I hate to ask but the bills have mounted again for health care and other things and without support we WILL have to close down this space and the newsletter, etc.Health also has caused the reduction of the work; it is very painful just to type this. and there is also a needed additional surgery which I cannot affords (the operation and support by home care after will cost about $5000. Wow, when totality wants to make sure you got who ya are It does bring amazing shit. LOL!

I have discontinued Facebook and will keep Twitter for now but if the pain does not abate (and yes I have good meds for pain but have to use carefully, to avoid addiction) then without that surgery on the arms, I will have to stop it all. Hopefully enough support will arrive so we can keep sharing. That would be cool. But as always we shall have to see what unfolds! Whatever that is, it is accepted here... by no one! As most opf you realize!

Really it has been a privilege to share this space of seeing-knowing and I thank all for their support. It is a very happy thing that I have heard from so many who have found the message resonant and whose search has ended. Well Done!

If you are able to assist please use this link,, and great thanks in advance!

Amazon has all my books so if you like to read see this link:

With all Love,


9 Sept 2013

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