The Eternal State

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17 July 2013

Make sure The Basics are clear:

Let’s go over the “basics:” The good news (very good news indeed!) is that the suffering has a cause and when the cause is looked into and rooted out at the core, suffering ends and then there is simply what is, unmodified, uncorrected and unaltered, and life in true freedom happens … for no one (paradoxically!). Eliminate the cause and its effects cannot remain. Here's how:

First off: Again, asking yourself right now, “Do I exist?”, it is absolutely certain that you are. This is absolutely known … I AM. No one can say “I am not.” So Being, your Awareness of Being here now every moment, is primary and inescapable. THAT is what you are. I AM. Nothing added, nothing but this NON-conceptual I AM. You as This are already awake, already home.

Secondly: What IS the cause of suffering? An uninvestigated claim that there is such a “thing” as a separate solid “me” that must manage and control its life (“my life.”) What is the nature of this claiming mechanism? It is “naught but a thought!” The I AM of your undeniable Awareness of Being IS and That  exists before the thought “I.” Then the thought  “I” comes before all else. As in "I ... am ... this body."  And the thought I is NOT the true “I-Consciousness that you actually are. The I thought points to what is … points only! Looking right  NOW: Is the thought of a thing ever what is pointed to or represented by the thought? Can you burn a log in the fireplace by shouting “fire” at the wood? Can you put a fire out with the word “water?” NO! (And without a thought added to the I thought, where is this "body?" That "body" you are probably still convinced that you are is also "naught but a thought!")

So the word “I” is NOT the true I of Presence-Awareness. You are and you know that you are. That I AM that you are is the one same I AM that everyone is. Again, asking yourself right now, “Do I exist?”, it is absolutely certain that you ARE. That’s “step one of two” in this final seeing of the real … and step two is a matter of seeing what is false and discarding that. That knowing awareness arises as the thought I am. That I AM is certain and Real. The thought "I" that appears to divide what is into concepts of I and other is false. 

True Self Knowledge consists in KNOWING beyond doubt or yes-buts, WHAT YOU ARE... that open, clear and untouchable Non-Conceptual Presence Awareness that is NEVER "missing", only apparently overlooked as concepts seem more attractive and get followed. Drop all interest in any concepts, particularly the concepts "I", "me" and "other"! Stay with the REAL, that unchanging Being-Knowing that cannot be denied  Take on the firm stand that you are That. That is Truth, the rest is fiction. Knowing this and refusing doubts is the key to that Kingdom you never actually left.

With all Love,
Charlie on 17 July 2013

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