The Eternal State

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02 July 2013

Consultations: Update as of 2 July, 2013

If you would like to more deeply explore The Pathless Path Of Being, consultations are available... in person if you can travel to Reno, Nevada, or by telephone or on Skype. Unlimited e-mail followup is included. Usually only one session is needed.
For details and pricing Click HERE to book:

Call to arrange a Time and Date: Telephone +1 775-342-3561  or Skype charliehayes36,  or e-mail, and specify 2-3 options of day and time that work for you.

Charlie also answers brief questions by e-mail and phone by donation (any amount is fine.) Consultations are One on One and take about an hour or a little more.  If you are interested in ending the search for your True Nature, please do get in touch about scheduling a talk. 

And note that MANY Books and Podcasts are also available. Immersing oneself in these expressions can dissolve confusion, leaving what You Always ARE shining with the pure radiance of Non-conceptual Self-Knowing Awareness.