The Eternal State

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25 June 2013

Guest Pointers from John Wheeler

Stand pat as who and what you are. What else is needed? If there is any doubt or blind spot that comes up, then don’t hesitate to address it by being ever more clear and certain about what is pointed to by the experience “I am”. Even that is appearance, but it is the closest you can come to what you are at the level of appearances. All questions are thoughts raised by the mind. Mind only appears to exist within consciousness, which is itself appearance. What is prior to these can only be pointed to. So, if consciousness is a dream-like appearance, then the mind is a “dream in a dream”. Chasing questions at the mind level is bound to be inconclusive. Any answer given is makeshift and provisional. Prior to the mind and consciousness, wahere you truly abide, there are no questions, no doubts, and no riddles to solve. That is the final resolution of everything. At the mind level, the questions are endless, and all answers are themselves concepts. This is where the FULL STOP really comes in handy. The answer is not in the mind. Say anything you want to “satisfy” the mind. Then leave it alone and be at peace.

John Wheeler is located at
I highly recommend his latest book, "Full Stop!". Buy it from his website.

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