The Eternal State

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29 April 2013

To Know The Unchanging...

What is always aware of the ever changing appearance? Some call this appearing totality-universe a waking dream. But what or who is the dreamer? You? And what is That-Which-Knows the changing play while itself remains eternally unchanging?

Find out!

What if 'you' are merely a chimera, a mental image with a voice that says brilliant stupid stuff pretty near constantly? That voice-image affair  the mechanism we call 'me', ONLY exists in imagination...... YOUR imagination? Questioning that, we simply find nothing of substance whatever... just a dialogue, a kind of madness not seen as such. True or not? Have a look please.

Isn't it true that there is an "always-so", an aware essence, which stands apart yet also within the always moving changing movie-dream called life? As Lao Tsu said, "To know the always so is to be illumined."

Illumination. What a kind and benevolent pointer that word is. Let That always-so illumine you to see that absence of separateness now.

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